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Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

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    As she swooped over the sparkling water of the Russian River Meghan thought that she should get herself some of those big ol' goggles that Sam wore while flying, Except I don't want to look like a ginormous bug. That would be lame. She scanned the river for the men she was looking for, spotting them half way between the beach and the bridge.

    She smiled with satisfaction as she opened up the bag of gravel that she'd scooped up from alongside the road. It rained down on the men as she laughed. "Sucks to be you, doesn't it? Yeah. You should run, you big cowards!" She shouted down at them.

    From the corner of her eye, she caught a flash of movement, Uh oh, she thought as a familiar face appeared.

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    "Why does everybody want
    To kick my ass
    I'm just trying to have a little fun
    For all the ones who can't
    And just because I kiss the prettiest girls
    And I drive my truck too fast
    Why does everybody want
    To kick my ass" -Big and Rich

    Country music blared from an ancient sound system filled the dusty narrow tavern. Nascar signs and cardboard cutouts decorated the walls of Sheeper's, the bar closest to the X-men's base. The faint neon outline of a sheep blinked on and off in the window along with a Miller Lite sign and a Budweiser race car light. The smell of smoke, sweat and stale fritos hung in the air.

    "So, it's like this..." Sam took a long drink from his MGD, "Ah don't have nothin' against J.P. Just don't want to see him mackin' on some guy. You know what Ah'm sayin'?" Sam leaned against the bar, hands cupped around his beer bottle. He looked over at his brother, trying to remember that coming back from the dead wasn't a big deal for the X-men.

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    Current Music: Kick My Ass, Big and Rich

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