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Mar. 16th, 2008


Alright guys. I'm afraid I'm going to have to close this game. It's a shame it didn't work out, but that's just how it goes. If anyone's a mod and wants to run with the idea than please, feel free, but as for me. I'm putting it on the shelf. Thanks for giving it a shot. I appreciate it.


Mar. 14th, 2008


Hey guys....

This is sort of an awkward post....seeings as I am the mod......well, the thing is. I'm currently swamped with school work and work work and am finding it extremelly hard to get the time together to run this community. I'm not the strongest mod to begin with and school is being harsher than normal. I just finished a 26 page paper...and this is only my 2nd year. I'm almost afraid for my thesis paper. Anyway, I considering what I should do. On one hand the community isn't particularly active so I could most certainly call it quits and put it on the shelf or...we can struggle through with what we have...which are basic plot lines and attempt to create something out of the remains.

What do you guys think?



I really hate to do this but I must leave the community. My life has suddenly become entirely more complicated and all my time online is spent looking for a new job (hooray employee budget cuts and no income!)
Best of luck!

~ Anna (Luna)

Mar. 9th, 2008


I think I'm going to drop Chris here. I'm finding it hard to keep active with just Tracey, and she really has no one to interact with. So please remove her. I'm still here with Tracey, though!

Mar. 8th, 2008


Activity Update

There's certainly been an increase in activity, which is good. I know we're reaching crunch time for those of you who are in university. I'm not going to be too pushy with those of you hitting partial requirements. Try to reach full, but if your work load won't allow for it, that's fine for now.

Activity Update - [Friday, Feb 29th - Friday, March 7th] )


Mar. 7th, 2008


My computer trully hates me. Which means no AIM for me until I fix the modem, and scarce email access when I can get a hold on a laptop.

Sorry :/ Email me if you need me

Mar. 1st, 2008


I seriously didn't want to do this, but seeings as we are getting complaints, I am going to have to. As I am sure you have all read the rules and regulations for this community, this will be a review.

Rule #5

  • We do sweeps. In order to keep the game active and fun all characters are required to post in the main community and their journals at least once a week. If you are unable to do this than please let me know! That way you won't be pestered during the sweeps.

As of right now, things have been more or less on the light side. As of right now, I'm tightening the rule. I'm getting complaints that the community is slow...which I agree, it is. Unfortunately, there is only so much I can do. From now on at the end of each week, I'll be making an update on activity. If the inactivity of a character lasts for two weeks they will be removed. As I said I didn't want to do this, but it's my responsibility to do what I can to make the community flow. That being said, Real Life does have a nasty habit of interfering. If you stick to the guidelines, just let me know. I'm easy to get along with. A quick post, email, or instant message is all it takes.

Activity Update - [Friday, Feb 22nd - Friday, Feb 29th] )

Feb. 26th, 2008


Hi Everyone! I just wanted to say a quick hello! My name is Katie and I'll be bringing you the lovely Narcissa Malfoy. She's plays the part of Lady Malfoy quite well, but she certainly isn't delicate. She can be quite intimidating if she has to be. During the war it was pretty much her holding her family together. She's also fiercely protective of Draco. Not so much Lucius, but she knows he can handle himself. While she's sure Draco can as well, he is still her little boy. A thought that will be there no matter how old he gets.

If you want to plot or simply say Hi! You can reach me on AIM at flip cup queen. My Email is I look forward to playing with all of you.


Alright guys, use the friends button we've got some additions and some removals. Use the button to update your list.

Feb. 24th, 2008


Alrighty! Now that we've all hopefully had the chance to get to know everyone. I will be stepping up the pace a bit. Unfortunately, there will be a slight change. In the first article, the idea of someone tipping off the Muggles was brought up and that is the angle I am going to run with. Now because our Fleur has seemed to have dropped off the planet, my Bill really doesn't have anyone to play with...not to mention that I'm seriously not feeling him at the moment. So, instead I will be dropping him and picking up a DE...haven't decided which one, but he will be responsible for letting it slip in hopes of turning the general wizarding population against the Muggles, hopefully the beginning stage of what old Voldie was after.

That being said, I haven't heard back from Joy yet, but I'm hoping that the obvious distraction that the Muggles are creating for the Ministry offers Fenrir a chance to "play" taking them by surprise. Of course his attacks will include Muggles, which they will of course associate with the magical world effectively creating the anti-magic movement, which will lead to the decline in friendly wizard/muggle relations...not that there are many to begin with....follow me so far? Excellent!

Also, if there is anything that you guys want to see be played out, please let me know. I have a basic plot line in my head but it is in no way written in stone....and to be honest. I think I'll run out of good ideas on my own. Any way, as things progress I will keep you guys updated...but if you miss something the major plot points will be posted on the timeline...also...please ignore the fact that it says 2004...I got a little confused when I was creating it. lol.


I am back from my hiatus and reallyseriouslyhonestly need to get some logs up with people. Anyone interested?

Feb. 23rd, 2008


A little HP appreciation ...

from your friends at InsaneJournal.

Somedays, Tweak is just spot on, yeah?

Feb. 22nd, 2008


Please pull Katie, sorry about that.... I just am not feeling a home for her here.

Feb. 16th, 2008


Hello! I'm Maxi, recently accepted as Katie Bell. Katie is a chaser for Puddlemere United and an over all really sweet girl. I am about to head out but here is a link to all of her info... you can find me at Watchtowersing

I can't wait to plot!

Feb. 15th, 2008



Hi I'm Anna, bringing you Luna Lovegood. She's currently working for her father at the Quibbler as a reporter, and thus travels a great deal searching for the next thing to catch her interest to write about (i.e. the next completely ridiculous thing to write about)! She's still as quirky as every, just older and somewhat more mature due to her experiences with the war.
Sooooo anyway, friends, enemies, etc?

Feb. 11th, 2008


Hi everyone! My name is Joy and I will be bringing you Fenrir Greyback. He's Russian and attended Durmstrang, but never finished school because he was bit in his 3rd year, so he's not a full fledged wizard. He's pretty old, about 50, and is the leader of a pack of mean-hearted and cold werewolves. His only allegiance is to himself and he's badass.

That's all, really. =D

Feb. 10th, 2008



Name's Maggie. Nice to meet you all. I'm here bringing you Lavender Brown. Her profile is up in her journal if anyone wants to know more about her, and I will get it linked to her actual profile once I decide to not be lazy XP. But yeah, she's a fun, light-hearted person. But is still really twitchy and nervous on occasion when she's left alone, especially at night. I guess the reason might be the whole "I was mauled by a werewolf" thing. She's not a werewolf herself, she was never actually bitten, but she's extremely self conscious about the scars all down her back, so she tends to keep them covered up. And she's plagued with horrible nightmares about it all, poor girl <3. She's a loudmouth, adorable, talkative, works as an editor and reporter for The Daily Prophet, and is mostly friendly though. But be careful, she's got a pretty nasty bite to her as well.

Eh, anyway, if you want to know more read up on her :D. And friends would be excellent. Or aquaintences, or whatever. If you want to talk to me to set something up, my email is or my AIM is Maggie116910.

Feb. 9th, 2008


Hi! My name's Bridget and I bring in Pansy Parkinson who is trying to keep her mind while her poor mother is slowly losing it and her father is in Azkaban. I know I've talked to a few players but I am always up for plot or establishing character relationship. I'm not really sure what else to say in general, so come talk to me! xXhalf 333 evlXx is my AIM SN and feel free to IM me even if I'm away. It's almost always up and I'm almost always there so don't worry about pinging me. My email's also always good if I never seem to be on at the same time as you

Well, anyway. Can't wait : )

Feb. 8th, 2008


Hi Everyone, I'm Nijhia and I play the very estranged Millicent Bulstrode. She's not exactly the bully she used to be and spent most of her years on a diet she often cheated on until she finally finished her diet in her sixth year. She has never dated and had a VERY bully-like big brother named Ewald. She crumbles under pressure and does things people want her to do so they don't go back and tell her family what she did or didn't do.

She works as an unspeakable and she was drastically different after her fifth year. She didn't bully or say anything to anyone the last two years :]

Feb. 6th, 2008


Hi there! I'm Lily and I come to you with Tracey Davis! She's the halfblood Slytherin who lied and told people she was a pureblood until she left school. She's currently working at St. Mungo's. Her entire bio is up as the first post in her journal if you'd like to check it out!

About me, I'm an 18 year old sociology major in my first year of college. I've been RPing for 4 years now and I'm still addicted. xD You can almost always catch me on AIM at BoxesofPearls if you'd like to plot or just chat. I'm up for chatting! Hope to talk to all of you soon!

So... relationships with Tracey? Friends? Enemies? Future love interests? Let me know.

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