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July 19th, 2010

Daily Prophet: 19 July, 2003 [Jul. 19th, 2010|07:31 pm]
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Turkish Seeker Benched
Erastus Saint

The Quidditch World Cup never fails to bring up a handful of scandals. Though they were avoided during the first preliminary games, reports this morning do confirm that Turkish Seeker Zafer Unsal has been benched for an unreleased number of games due to a pub brawl the player was involved in late yesterday evening with a Welsh supporter. The melee ended with mediwizards called to the scene to treat multiple injures, and with quite a bit of damage done to the small wizarding pub in Holyhead.

Unsal will be replaced with reservist Anlan Yavuz, a Turkish minor league player with no previous World Cup experience. It remains to be seen how this will affect Turkey's chances in today's preliminary game against Japan.

Quidditch Q & A
Stenton Fenley

With big successes and history made by our National Teams in last week's first preliminary Quidditch World Cup games, we at The Daily Prophet began a new daily column; a quick question and answer session, new each day, with a member of one of our national teams. Today's interview is with Ashley Upson of Wales. Read on for his answers.

Miss Warnock, first we'll start with something simple. What's your middle name?

What's your favourite colour?
I’m fond of green.

Favourite food?
Cornish pasties. Though I know that’s darn near sacrilege. Sorry!

Favourite shop?
Quality Quidditch Supplies!

Tell us something about you not everyone knows?
My first broom was an old one, and it was so slow that the kids in the neighbourhood would laugh at me. I didn’t get a new one until I made the Quidditch team at Hogwarts.

What's your family like?
Weird. There are a bunch of us, and we all have our quirks. It makes for pretty awesome family dinners.

What do you love about Quidditch?
People don’t think about the fact that my name’s Ashley. No, er, I just love it?

How did you feel, knowing you'd made the National Team?
It’s brilliant. I was with a bunch of my mates waiting for the news, and it was just roars of congratulations the moment news came out.

Which international teams do you think will do well, other than the UK teams?
I’m watching Australia and New Zealand. They’re pretty awesome teams.

Do you have anything to say to your fans?
You’re pretty awesome. Thanks for cheering! Go Wales!

Pick up your copy of the Daily Prophet tomorrow for a new interview with a National team player, brought to you every day during the Quidditch World Cup!
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RP: You Got a Friend [Jul. 19th, 2010|08:33 pm]
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Who: Hannah Abbott, Olivia Rose Abbott, and Ernie McMillian
When: Afternoon that Hannah has off - July 19th, 2003
Where: Diagon Alley
What: Meet and greet the mini-Hannah
Rating: Family Friendly.
Open/Closed: Open

Best friends are great )
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[Jul. 19th, 2010|10:09 pm]


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WHO: Ginny Weasley and Sam Capper
WHAT: Ginny has a question to ask Sam
WHERE: Ginny & Sam's house
WHEN: 19 July
WARNINGS/RATING/STATUS: Surprises within!!/Knowing them, probably NC17/Ongoing

in short, a simple little ring was driving her completely and utterly mad )
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