Where is LiveJournal?

LJ coming back slowly @ 03:43 pm

Power is being restored to our data center, and TypePad, LiveJournal, Vox are each bring brought back online carefully.

From http://twitter.com/sixapart

Amusing Press Release by LJ's server host @ 04:51 pm

I stumbled across this article on Mashable: the server host company that SixApart apparently uses, 365Main, had issued a press release today celebrating its continuous uptime record. But the best part? This quote:

…The company’s San Francisco facility includes two complete back-up systems for electrical power to protect against a power loss. In the unlikely event of a cut to a primary power feed, the state-of-the-art electrical system instantly switches to live back-up generators, avoiding costly downtime for tenants and keeping the data center continuously running.

The Mashable article is here.

According to the 6A staus page @ 08:41 pm

As of 7:25pm they had TypePad up and running.

As of 7:45 they started working on Vox.

LJ is still getting no love. :(

(no subject) @ 09:39 pm

LJ appears to be back up but running a bit slowly.

But it is up.

LJ Access 24th July 2007 @ 11:38 pm

I haven't been able to access LiveJournal since 22:00 GMT. It may have been down earlier but I only tried to log on at that point.

Happily [info]elfwreck posted about the situation over at the Refugees from Strikethrough 07 community.

Further information can be found in comments to the entry.

Where is LiveJournal?