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Hello, and welcome to What_Fantastic! If you're new here, you should probably read our profile to get some idea of what we do. Our tag list will show you what we've done so far.

There are a few rules to keep in mind as we play with fantasy and sci-fi here, and we'll thank you to abide by them:

1. No flaming. None. If you want to critique a writer or artist or theorizer, please do so respectfully and without resorting to nasty ad-hominem attacks.

2. Keep an open mind. We're all about broadening fantasy's and sci-fi's horizons, and not shrinking them. No one wants to hear, 'Elves aren't like that!!!11one!!'--if you think elves are different, write/draw them differently. We'll all benefit from sharing.

3. For stories/art, use a subject and a header. This will help people to find your work more easily. Your subject line will be the title of your work. Your header must contain the following elements, although you can add more at your discretion:

(If this is a chaptered work) Chapter:
Summary (for fiction)/Description (for art):

For chaptered works, we would appreciate but do not require links to previous chapters.

4. Love the lj-cut. Images and works of more than 100 words should always be placed behind an lj-cut or a link that will go just below your header. Don't know how to make an lj-cut? InsaneJournal will tell you. Don't know how to make a link? IJ will tell you that, too.

5. Tag responsibly. What is responsible tagging? Come find out.

6. Try to have fun. ^___^


January 7th, 2009

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This week's meta focuses on deities and divinity in fantasy/sci-fi.

What cultural elements need to be taken into account in the construction of a religious system? What are the implications of writing deities who manifest and are involved in the storyline? How does the presence or absence of magic/higher technology impact different worlds' perceptions of powerful deities? What sources have you read/seen which have made especially good use of another world's potential to build complex religious systems? How do these constructed systems interact with and/or comment on the systems of our world?

January 6th, 2009

Responsible Tagging

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