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September 29th, 2015

September 29th, 2015

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Well doesn't this look like an adventure.


Hello Sweetie.

No evil

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I was looking at the park in our community earlier, on my way back to my apartment. It got me thinking. I thought to myself as I was driving to my part of the lot, "Hey, Self, you know what would be really awesome in the park? A barbecue cookout." So... would this be something we could do on one weekend, possibly a Saturday? We could have drinks, hot dogs, ribs, hamburgers, pork chops, just basically anything we can use on a grill.

Might also be cool to have a Bonfire Night on the November day again this year too. Really enjoyed that last one. But for something sooner, could be fun to have a park cookout. Good way for all of us living here to mingle, talk, enjoy the day, and even get to know some new people as well. I'd be willing to get some of the food. I also own a grill so that whoever cooks, they would be welcome to use it if they need one. Well, if enough of us might be interested in doing this next week, or the one after.

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I've been here two weeks already, and I still have a bloody clue what's going on. But now I've got Hal and Tom with me, so at least I don't have to worry about wherever those two idiots are.

War with the devil? Check, and overly familiar. A Seal bringing us here? Never heard of it, but stranger things have happened. And now there's more werewolves?

No Known Threats and no Under 16's

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Looks like this full moon was damn active for werewolves. There were incidences involving misssing hearts in Wisconsin, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Nevada and Louisiana.

Need some people to check it out. You go in pairs, minimum. Need to have done the classes and at least one of you needs to have gone on a hunt before.

Wisconsin -
North Dakota -
Oklahoma - Jacen and Dannii
Nevada - Alicia and Angelina
Louisiana -

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Who has two thumbs, and managed to persaude KU to let him late enrol onto their Visual Arts Programme. This Guy!

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This place is rather dull. Perhaps that's just my boredom. I would say if someone has something entertaining to do to give me suggestions, but I doubt it.
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