War Is Coming RPG.

December 29th, 2013

December 29th, 2013

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Scott McCall
Finding his Christmas gift from Allison; Wednesday early morning, December 25, 2013
His & Allison's apartment
TBD/In progress

There will be things here. At a time when I have 2 seconds to write things.Read more... )</span

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Who: Elijah Mikaelson and OPEN (otherwise narrative)
What: Elijah is having a breakdown
Where: Rebekah's Penthouse and then a park bench in Lawrence
Rating: TBD--probably low

Elijah misses Rebekah more than anything and has a conversation with a kitten. )

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Who:Much, open to anyone in the house or narrative.
What:Feels catch up to him.
Where:Locksley house
Warnings: TBA but I don't see any beyond feeeeeels

Did they win or lose? He still didn't have answers, just more questions )
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