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March 5th, 2012

March 5th, 2012

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WHO: Tessa Lewis and Patrick Milligan
WHAT: Tessa is feeling actual feelings. Maybe. We'll see.
WHEN: Afternoon
WHERE: Complex roof
STATUS: In Progress
WARNINGS: A couple f-bombs so far, otherwise tbd

Fucking the place up again includes playing emo music to the plants until they just uproot themselves. )

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Who: Bruce and Damian Wayne
What: Some father/son bonding. Or Damian trying to save his father from a life of bloodshed. Possibly both.
Where: Cafe in Lawrence
When: Noon of the 5th
Status/Rating: In progress/I...have no idea.

The question was, did Bruce even want to be saved at this point? )

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Who: Rose Tyler and The Tenth Doctor
What: He wants to have a serious talk, who wouldn't be nervous?
When: Some time Monday afternoon/evening
Where: The TARDIS
Warnings: Um. Excessive sap, I'm sure. Beware of Rose's mouth?

Needing to talk in person rarely led to anything good. )
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