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April 24th, 2011

April 24th, 2011

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Who: Nathan and Damien Derrick
When: Night, shortly after this
Where: Downtown
What: Killing some bugs
Rating: R
Warnings: Profanity, for sure. And violence, insect genocide, and possibly a character death. Temporary, of course. XD


Let's go kill stuff. )

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Who: Seifer and anyone else that might be in the infirmary. (OTA!)
When: Around 8:30-ish. Right around the same time as this
Where: Complex infirmary
What: Holy shit, why was I in a coma?
Rating: PG? PG-13 at the worst.
Warnings: Yeah, absolutely none at this point.

Why was a question that Seifer was asking himself a lot lately. )
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