March 6th, 2022



Time Rift: A New Panfandom

Time Rift
A Panfandom Game
It started as a Rift in Cardiff. For months, people from various times and universes found themselves trapped in a Wizarding World, and then...

The Void

It was June, 1999 when the people of Wizarding Cardiff found their world collapsing around them. Through the efforts of magic users, both locals and visitors from the Rift, a boundary was established around the small village. This would keep them safe.

For now.

They call it the Void- a pocket universe that now contains the remains of what was once Wizarding Cardiff. While there are still questions unanswered about what happened to the original world, those who now come through the Rift find themselves trapped in this pocket reality.

Powers and magic do not work here as they should. Not even the Doctors can find a way out just yet. And to top it off, the mysteries would only grow deeper over time as the Rift begins to act up and new doorways begin to open.

The Time Rift is a panfandom game set in its own alternative dimension, drawing on the lore of various universes.

Disclaimer: While we love our Wizarding World, we in NO WAY support the anti-trans views of JKR. We use her universe for fun, but this game will remain open and LBGTQ+ friendly. No bigotry will be tolerated.