April 30th, 2021



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Nightshade Grove is a brand new, horror-themed panfandom game set in an alternate universe. Kicking off this weekend and still tons of characters available so if you've been looking for a home for that one particular muse you haven't found a place for, come check out [info]nightshademod.

Nightshade Grove
Stay out of the Woods
You went into the woods.

Perhaps you went for a walk, perhaps you were looking for something, hiding from something, or hunting something. It seemed innocuous at first but when you try to find your way back out, no amount of searching yields a path back home. Your phone doesn't have a signal, your compass just spins without telling you which direction you're heading, and any other electronics you possess are suddenly dead.

As you walk through the woods, a well worn path leads you toward the center of something. You may initially hesitate but when it becomes clear to you that the only way out is through, you follow the path, not knowing where it leads. Eventually, after what feels like days, you arrive at a clearing just beyond a hidden city.

Grateful you quickly pull out your phone to call for a rescue party but the call goes nowhere. The only thing that works is communication within the city itself, no out of area calls or messages will go through because you're not lost.

You're trapped.

Nightshade Grove is a new multi fandom game that will be launched on May 1st. Taking holds and applications now and there are plenty of characters still available. Game will include monsters of the week or bigger monthly plots in addition to the main storyline. Join us!
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