November 18th, 2007


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A Supernatural Boarding School Game
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Anybody up for a little supernatual fun? Without the crazy, undefined, confusing roles--Anathema Prep is just for you.

The game runs on real time, so any pop culture from NOW will apply. It's all teens, so there won't be 250 vampires running around. And with the roles of the races well defined, it's hard NOT to understand what's going on.

"The setting is realtime although it is obviously AU. All references to modern pop culture will be relevant.

Anathema Prep is a high school for the recently turned Vampires and Weres, and Witches and Humans of the appropriate age. Turned is used here as a human who has been scratched/bitten or otherwise changed in any other way so that they are now genetically described as either a Vampire [the traditionally undead] or as a Werecreature. All characters and students of Anathema Prep will be of teenage mind and body. That means there will be no 150 year old high school students running around, for example.

The twist to Anathema Prep is that in addition to its Supernatural background, there are premade confessions for each character.

Since it's a PB game, they're running off of secrets. The more people that join, the less secrets there are so HURRY and make sure you get the one you want!

Applications aren't being taken until they have 15-20 holds. They need more GUYS for the obvious ten thousand girls that games get in the first few days or so, but if everyone trades storylines, it's worth it, right?

Join Anathema Prep TODAY!