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March 15th, 2008

Waja Madness!

An unofficial asylum for Waja users to talk about wajas, share links, information, and network in their searches for studs, RBs, sales, and more.


March 15th, 2008

Limited Gen 2 Tempest Pup Breeding requests

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First I want to pimp out my sales cave: #66320.com|#66320.net|#66320.org. I have a divine and earth (with more divines earmarked to be sent there at day 12) and various fires, egys, and norms, including gen 100+. Willing to haggle/do trades. Also, all males and some females in my main cave are available for studding/RB. See the lists, stats, and prices here.

On to my tempests.

Tempest Gen 1 Stud : Available for Public )

Tempest Gen 1 Females : Not Available )

Tempest Gen 2 Pups For Sales Orders )
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