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June 21st, 2008

Site Update

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If you've been wondering why things seem quieter with fewer pink notification bars on your screen, like if someone's bought a waja, or sent you something, those have been moved.

Under "Communicate", there's a new option, "Notifications". That will tell you if someone's bought something or sent you something.

Under "Home", there's "Transfers" (formerly "item transfers") which handles not just items, but bank and waja transfers (giving people a chance to cancel a send if it's going to the wrong account, or if the one receiving it doesn't want them after all.) You'll now have to accept not just items sent between your main and side, but wajas and bank transfers as well.

April 25th, 2008

*gets out the paintball gun*

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I'm about to run through my tempests and pick one to turn into my new marking pear target, I think. I have three in my inventory, it'll be a good start. ^_^

Like this: http://www.wajas.com/waja.php?id=808216 ? :D

April 12th, 2008

Pimping out studs ^^;

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I have my perfect Tempest now, and now he's of breeding age. So he's set at 1WC for awhile to celebrate and I decided I'd pimp him out to you guys.


The pup(s) are yours. You can keep or do whatever you like with them. ^^;

NOTE: He's genderpeared, just in case anyone minds.


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Did anyone else get reamed when the Obsessed Waja Fan was debuted? I had over thirty puppies priced under 50K and a few high gens at 80K and under, all sniped and resold to the OWF when I logged in this morning. :(

March 15th, 2008

Limited Gen 2 Tempest Pup Breeding requests

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First I want to pimp out my sales cave: #66320.com|#66320.net|#66320.org. I have a divine and earth (with more divines earmarked to be sent there at day 12) and various fires, egys, and norms, including gen 100+. Willing to haggle/do trades. Also, all males and some females in my main cave are available for studding/RB. See the lists, stats, and prices here.

On to my tempests.

Tempest Gen 1 Stud : Available for Public )

Tempest Gen 1 Females : Not Available )

Tempest Gen 2 Pups For Sales Orders )

March 10th, 2008

New Layout

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I finally got around to doing a layout for the asylum.


I used the rainbow gradient to represent all the different colors they can be, and those two particular Waja breeds for the way they're positioned. I just custom-demoed them in pure white, and filtered them over the background.

March 11th, 2008


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Oh. So much glee. So, so much.

March 10th, 2008

Pretty Purple Plushie

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:3 I know there's people here who like 'em, and this one's cute even to me. Lavender purple plushie, no showing mutations.


March 8th, 2008

Waja Sale Cave

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So I finally have enough variety in my sale cave to pimp it out.

If you want your choice between .com, .org, and .net, I have all three available in this thread.

That thread is basically a duplicate of this post

That post lists every waja I have available for sale in my sale cave, #66320.

March 5th, 2008

#Wajas - an IRC guide

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So you want to talk Wajas. Maybe the forums are a bit slow. Maybe you can't even get to xat.com, let alone the chat, for whatever the reason. Maybe you can, but you'd like to be able to be honest, talk about your significant other without pretending to be 'straight' lest the 'little children' find out there's a gay person in their midst, which is apparently a no-no at the Xat chat. Maybe you'd just like to be able to speak your mind without censoring your language to the point of being afraid of getting reported for saying 'crap'.

Well, whatever the reason, there's #Wajas on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). If you're completely unfamiliar with IRC, hold your horses and settle down, I'm going to include a detailed guide. If you're old hat, here's the information real quick:

Network: irc2.serenia.net
Channel: #Wajas
Network website: http://www.serenia.net/ (Java chat access available)

Now onto the detailed directions, for those of you who are unfamiliar with IRC or still learning the ropes.

The different clients you can download )

Getting connected (mIRC) )

I'm connected - now what? )

A brief tutorial on basic cross-client commands and NickServ )

I think that's everything that would be considered essential for getting started with IRC. For additional hints, help, and information, please go here:

March 3rd, 2008

oh MAN

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I was playing with the custom demo looking at all the markings on the Tempest and I've just made the discovery that Kitsune is really, incredibly gorgeous on it. My birthday is in six days - I need to figure out exactly how much I can spare for CWP for a present for myself and how many customs I'll be able to get. Would help if I knew whether or not the half-price for the first week rumour is true.

*twitch* I have 35 CWP in my account. I'll be adding at least 5 more at some point in the next week or so. That's either two, or four. If the half price rumour is true I might be able to manage another 10 CWP, to make five. Augh, the pretties. D:

February 29th, 2008

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I'm crossposting this a couple of places, but for now, it's just here. :D Trying to raise up the CWP for a pair of Tempests before they get released, and possibly for the tokens for my GlamRock African set.

Anyway. :D

I have one Custom Normal up for sale, two pairs of customs to sell pups from, and a custom African with a couple of breed slots open. This is the main point of this post, but there are some other things. 8D

Image-intensive under the cut. 8D All images are clickable, and leads to the Waja in question.

Customs! )

I've also got sales in 62111, so if you wanna check those out, feel free. 8D Comment here, or message me on Wajas at 62061 to negotiate things~.

EDIT: Re-upped images on Photobucket, added the custom Plushie I forgot about hahaoops.

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No tempest tokens yet though. :( Price of CWP holding at about 1.1mil

February 21st, 2008

mm customs

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I decided as an incentive to saving money, if by my birthday (March 9) I've managed not to spend any unnecessary money I'm going to get myself a custom pair. Though I'm torn between two Egyptians and an Egyptian and a Water or something like that. Though with a water I'd have to buy a token and then get hold of a thingie to make it water, so probably two Egyptians.

I have six million WC in the bank also, so if I spend none of that I can see what the price of CWP is like at the time so I'm spending less actual real money on it.

February 18th, 2008

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Half an hour to downtime. Oh boy!

Hi guys. *wave* I'm Micchi, and I think I'm the one that started this madness here when I hooked Zanne on Wajas. 8D

Just wanted to let you guys know, in addition to the Wajas downtime forums, there is a Wajas chatroom. It's unofficial, but it is there. And packed most of the time, so a good chance to get to know other Wajas-goers.

http://xat.com/wajas That's your link, use it and abuse it! Remember, all Wajas rules apply in the chatroom. It IS members-only, so when you get there, click on the bolded name at the top of the list and change it to your Wajas-handle and your usernumber. If you don't know your usernumber, just poke me in there. 8D I'm a mod. *flaunt*

Not a mod on Wajas, a mod in the chat okay yeah, I suck.

Anyway. Hope to see you guys there, and it's gonna be a loooong three days.

Wajas Downtime Forum

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For keeping up on what's happening. It's about to go down for the count tonight for a few days.

February 15th, 2008

Pricing Wajas

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Okay, so I'm at the point where some of my first pups have grown up and some of them I'd like to sell. Problem is, I don't know how to price the wajas so they'll move, but so I make a fair amount of money on them. Since the search is a bit flaky, it's hard to look up wajas with similar generations and markings/mutations to see how they go -- I mostly just click around on the forum.

Any advice? (I'd be happy to edit the post to add in links to the wajas I'm planning on selling.)

February 14th, 2008

Impending Downtime

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Starting on Monday, Feb 18, Wajas is going offline for a few days. From a news post from Michael (Rykos):

I am giving you all a few days notice. We will be taking the server offline Monday. Then we will start the process of building a new configuration which will both beef up the current server to act as a dedicated database server (more power and double the RAM from 8GB to 16GB) as well as add on an additional server to serve the actual pages and generate the content.

To make plenty of time to get all of this in order and make sure everything is put back the way it should be, we will be keeping the site offline for approximately 3 days. All paid accounts will have their time extended by 3 days to compensate.

Reposting the meat of it here in case people don't get to see the news post before Monday.

February 15th, 2008

oooh tempest

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According to the news on site, Tempests are nearly done, and the tokens will be permanently in the shop. Sadly I'm broke so I'll have to wait until they've been in long enough for the prices on the wajas themselves to come down. :(

(I wonder if the prices on CWP will go up as everyone tries to get hold of enough to buy a token...?)
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