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March 5th, 2008

Waja Madness!

An unofficial asylum for Waja users to talk about wajas, share links, information, and network in their searches for studs, RBs, sales, and more.


March 5th, 2008

#Wajas - an IRC guide

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So you want to talk Wajas. Maybe the forums are a bit slow. Maybe you can't even get to xat.com, let alone the chat, for whatever the reason. Maybe you can, but you'd like to be able to be honest, talk about your significant other without pretending to be 'straight' lest the 'little children' find out there's a gay person in their midst, which is apparently a no-no at the Xat chat. Maybe you'd just like to be able to speak your mind without censoring your language to the point of being afraid of getting reported for saying 'crap'.

Well, whatever the reason, there's #Wajas on IRC (Internet Relay Chat). If you're completely unfamiliar with IRC, hold your horses and settle down, I'm going to include a detailed guide. If you're old hat, here's the information real quick:

Network: irc2.serenia.net
Channel: #Wajas
Network website: http://www.serenia.net/ (Java chat access available)

Now onto the detailed directions, for those of you who are unfamiliar with IRC or still learning the ropes.

The different clients you can download )

Getting connected (mIRC) )

I'm connected - now what? )

A brief tutorial on basic cross-client commands and NickServ )

I think that's everything that would be considered essential for getting started with IRC. For additional hints, help, and information, please go here:
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