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February 29th, 2008

Waja Madness!

An unofficial asylum for Waja users to talk about wajas, share links, information, and network in their searches for studs, RBs, sales, and more.


February 29th, 2008

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No tempest tokens yet though. :( Price of CWP holding at about 1.1mil

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I'm crossposting this a couple of places, but for now, it's just here. :D Trying to raise up the CWP for a pair of Tempests before they get released, and possibly for the tokens for my GlamRock African set.

Anyway. :D

I have one Custom Normal up for sale, two pairs of customs to sell pups from, and a custom African with a couple of breed slots open. This is the main point of this post, but there are some other things. 8D

Image-intensive under the cut. 8D All images are clickable, and leads to the Waja in question.

Customs! )

I've also got sales in 62111, so if you wanna check those out, feel free. 8D Comment here, or message me on Wajas at 62061 to negotiate things~.

EDIT: Re-upped images on Photobucket, added the custom Plushie I forgot about hahaoops.
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