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[Jan. 23rd, 2010|11:49 pm]
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Who: Zevran and Michelle Stillman
What: Weirdish bonding things
Where: Guildhall, just outside of NOLA
When: Tonight-ish
Warnings: Very unlikely, unless you count mild swearing.

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[Jan. 22nd, 2010|12:22 am]

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WHO: Miniver Cheevy, Artan, and Michelle Stillman
WHAT: Siblings reunited!
WHERE: Mostly New Orleans
WHEN: Now!
WARNINGS: Probable angst, possible discussion of or allusion to triggery subjects...


Having been assured by Marnie that she was perfectly able to walk on her own and probably not going to give birth any time tonight at least, Miniver grabbed his coat and just about flew out the door. A few blocks and a portkey later, he was walking quickly towards the library Michelle had said she was in, puffing on a cigarette nervously.

Artan had told him about her. It had been a while ago, and his ex-alcoholic drug-addled memory is a bit hazy on a few things, but he remembers. And if Artan's reaction is ANYTHING like his own would be to seeing his (adoptive) sister turn up here after so many years, he figures this will not be an easy reunion.

He stamps out the cigarette and walks inside.

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