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[Mar. 5th, 2008|12:49 am]
[Tags|, ]

Originally, I had been thinking of writing Haiku here. However, it seems that I had been pre-occupied by the party that father is throwing. This kimono is too itchy and it has far too many layers; I feel like I'm being weighed down. At least the people at the party seem nice.

...even if father seems to be attempting to pawn me off in an arranged marriage.

I want to go and visit London again.
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[Feb. 24th, 2008|11:24 pm]
[Tags|, , , ]

Ah... This is quite a surprise; something I wasn't expecting to happen. No longer am I constellation in the sky of Nippon, who had once been waiting for the sun to come along, but a human.

Having hands and feet is so silly but I can still climb along the walls and sit there until I get tired of it. That's good. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to use my powers here... But I believe that I'll be missing being a cat, though it's nice to be around so many people now. No longer am I alone at the top of that tower.

Ah... Speaking of. Amaterasu? If you're here...It would be great to know.
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[Feb. 16th, 2008|04:39 pm]
[Current Mood |confused]


That fan took me somewhere that isn't Nippon Japan. I have been trying to find a way back and now

People must watch where they are going!

Now I seem to be lost and

Again? People from this time are rude.

And this is just so odd and I can't quite seem to wrap my mind arougrsgrsk nl548yih
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[Jan. 25th, 2008|01:04 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

It is taking some getting used to but this Nippon Japan I am now residing in is very lively. Loud. I have also discovered something Karaoke. An odd concept, as most of those songs listed in that little book I did not know.

Yet... It was fun.

...but I do miss home. It is not the same here without Issun or that silly prophet Ushiwaka.
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[Jan. 15th, 2008|04:08 pm]
[Tags|, ]

...this is not the Nippon I am used to. It never had such monsters machines nor were the people dressed in such clothing.

What kind of magic is this?
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