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January 5th, 2012

[Jan. 5th, 2012|05:21 pm]
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Why didn't anyone remind me before now that Earth That Was had Disneyland?

I'm going to live here now. Please forward any mail.
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[Jan. 5th, 2012|05:26 pm]
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I've really got to get a proper job. The skill set is a little odd, true, but I'm going barking mad without anything to do. I just don't feel cut out for a teacher.

Anyone have any ideas? And don't say going to university, I can't imagine I'd do better there. This world just doesn't need Aurors, and that's always sort of been the plan. Well, it would be the plan, if I had a plan, which I admit I really didn't.

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[Jan. 5th, 2012|08:46 pm]
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I have a bad feeling.
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[Jan. 5th, 2012|10:08 pm]


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Hey, Er. Vacation time.
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