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March 25th, 2011

[Mar. 25th, 2011|08:34 am]
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Lulu's been gracious enough to put her guest house up to the whims of the likes of me for renovation, and since nobody here got a danger room Remy has access to, guess what it's gunna wind up needing to be?

Gunna need a posse to round up the materials and help in the construction. Sign up here, get access to it on your spare time. If you don't know what a danger room is, you don't read enough comics.
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[Mar. 25th, 2011|11:21 am]


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There are far too many men who look like my boyfriend here now.
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[Mar. 25th, 2011|11:23 am]


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Henry )
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[Mar. 25th, 2011|11:25 am]



Thinking about moving into my boyfriend's place...
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[Mar. 25th, 2011|11:34 am]


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Jane )
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[Mar. 25th, 2011|06:46 pm]



This is actually sort of cute. But ew, Link's like my son or my brother, why would you all assume... okay, just ew. But the song's sort of catchy?
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[Mar. 25th, 2011|09:31 pm]


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Brother )
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[Mar. 25th, 2011|10:27 pm]
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Spring Break is coming up, so this message is for all of my kids from Taunton. I swear, if you end up in jail or trouble, do not call me to bail you out. I will show up and laugh at you. Either call your parents or just don't do stupid crap and get caught. If you have to be stupid, be smart enough where nobody catches you, Jesus.
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[Mar. 25th, 2011|10:39 pm]


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Hey, Mike, two things: one, Samson won't get off your pillow, and two, you're totally missing Triumfo del Amor. Maximiliano and Maria are finally doing it.
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