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December 14th, 2009

[Dec. 14th, 2009|01:23 am]

Wartooths. )

Mum and Dad. )

I love this time of year.
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[Dec. 14th, 2009|01:33 am]


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So. If everyone tangentially related or soon to be related to the Winchester family (that includes Torii and any blokes you girls might currently be entangled with) could let me know where they're planning to spend their Christmas holiday, I'd be grateful. I did promise I would attempt to feed the entire crowd, though I make no promises about it actually being my cooking. Likely I'll kidnap and beg Marco Pierre White, if he exists in this world. At any rate. Roll call, please?
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[Dec. 14th, 2009|01:21 pm]

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

And I'm beginning to look like I'm smuggling a volley ball into stores. Still, the holidays are cheering me up quite a bit.
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[Dec. 14th, 2009|01:22 pm]


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I want to go caroling.

Perhaps even wassailing?

Who's in?
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[Dec. 14th, 2009|02:21 pm]




So what have I missed?
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[Dec. 14th, 2009|04:28 pm]


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Uh...finally have sometime to myself..

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[Dec. 14th, 2009|06:35 pm]

Sophie! )
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[Dec. 14th, 2009|07:07 pm]
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Sophie )

Agh, Christmas is coming too fast.
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[Dec. 14th, 2009|07:09 pm]
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Charles )
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[Dec. 14th, 2009|08:30 pm]
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Noah Puckerman )
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