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October 15th, 2009

[Oct. 15th, 2009|12:09 am]



Under two weeks away! What are you doing for Halloween?
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[Oct. 15th, 2009|10:59 am]


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I really need to find out a decent place to eat. I'm no good at cooking or anything like that.

That was always more Dinah and Buffy's thing than mine. I really miss those girls.
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[Oct. 15th, 2009|12:50 pm]


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Danielle, Annorah and Robert )

Dean )
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[Oct. 15th, 2009|08:05 pm]
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Mama wou'd say that's not log-- log-- she say that not suppose ta happen! No wooshy-wooshy in my rooms. Parker! Why there's wooshy-wooshy in my rooms?!
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