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January, turn of the New Year [15 Jun 2011|07:31pm]
Who: Mac and Lawliss
When: Second week of January, afternoon
Where: Wandering around Clayton
What: Mac has gotten to Clayton and runs into her old friend
Rating: Knowing these two, probably PG-13 to R (language)
Status: In Progress//Closed

Mac wandered around this new squatting place. Kahea heard that some people from Sundance might be here. Mac quite frankly didn't care, she was just glad that Kahea had began to show signs of life again. The scrawny woman mentally broke down when her equally scrawny boyfriend suddenly disappeared. Mac dragged her long-lost/new friend out of that place before the woman killed herself with depression.

Now they were here, Clayton, OK. They manged to find a descent place to pitch their tents, but Mac wasn't planning on staying too long. The more they moved, the better for Kahea; new adventures and new sites to see, that's what she needed. Mac decided it was safe enough to leave Kahea alone for a few hours while Mac surveyed the town.

Mac stayed clear of the main roads, preferring alley ways and back roads when she found them. She noticed a few slightly familiar faces but mostly a whole bunch of new ones, and Mac didn't trust easily. She walked, and surveyed, and surveyed and walked, doing her best to keep track of her time spent away from Kahea. Then out of no where, Mac stopped dead in her tracks, her face paling like she had just seen a ghost. No, she was pretty sure she was looking at a ghost.

"L-L-Lawliss?" she stuttered out, approaching the man she saw before her, her eyes disbelieving.
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