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January, turn of the New Year [15 Jun 2011|07:31pm]

Who: Mac and Lawliss
When: Second week of January, afternoon
Where: Wandering around Clayton
What: Mac has gotten to Clayton and runs into her old friend
Rating: Knowing these two, probably PG-13 to R (language)
Status: In Progress//Closed

Mac wandered around this new squatting place. Kahea heard that some people from Sundance might be here. Mac quite frankly didn't care, she was just glad that Kahea had began to show signs of life again. The scrawny woman mentally broke down when her equally scrawny boyfriend suddenly disappeared. Mac dragged her long-lost/new friend out of that place before the woman killed herself with depression.

Now they were here, Clayton, OK. They manged to find a descent place to pitch their tents, but Mac wasn't planning on staying too long. The more they moved, the better for Kahea; new adventures and new sites to see, that's what she needed. Mac decided it was safe enough to leave Kahea alone for a few hours while Mac surveyed the town.

Mac stayed clear of the main roads, preferring alley ways and back roads when she found them. She noticed a few slightly familiar faces but mostly a whole bunch of new ones, and Mac didn't trust easily. She walked, and surveyed, and surveyed and walked, doing her best to keep track of her time spent away from Kahea. Then out of no where, Mac stopped dead in her tracks, her face paling like she had just seen a ghost. No, she was pretty sure she was looking at a ghost.

"L-L-Lawliss?" she stuttered out, approaching the man she saw before her, her eyes disbelieving.
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[30 Apr 2011|02:14am]

Who: Wren and Blackcat
Where: Cats boat
When: A year ago
Why: Wren notices Cats nomad nature calling
Status: Incomplete
Rating: PG13?
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[29 Apr 2011|04:08pm]

WHO: Mouse and Grey
WHAT: An unexpected kiss
WHERE: The farm in Sundance. More specifically under her favorite sycamore tree.
WHEN: Afternoon, about 6 months ago
STATUS: Complete

There wasn't ever a time when she wouldn't be interested in Grey )
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A Week Prior To Their Arrival [29 Apr 2011|04:11pm]

Who: Filly
What: Packing to Leave
Where: A Small town to the North-East of Clayton
When: A week prior to their arrival in Clayton
Rating: PG

Looking around the dull, daylight lit room, Filly was a bit saddened to know they would once again be leaving. Sure she’d put on a smile and ask ‘Which way?’, but the truth was that at every stop on their seemingly never ending journey Filly looked for home. Not the home she was born and raised in, no it wasn’t home anymore. It needed to remain the place where so many happy memories took place, and not the shit-heap it had turned into with the drunks ruining it. The home she was looking for didn’t have a memory attached to it, but instead the hope for future memories.

They had been on the move for what seemed like a decade, but in reality had been most of the last four years. At first it had been fun for the young girl to get to see new places, and to meet new people. It had been an adventure, but now it was a chore.

This morning when they had woken up in the dawn, Filly had seen that familiar look in Seajay’s eye, the one that said they needed to move. Sometimes it was because someone vaguely recognized him, others it was just due to a feeling, but either way both she and Orion had grown to know that look. So as the men had gone to quietly get supplies, Filly had set to work packing. It was something she was more than proficient at. It was second nature to put everything they owned into the bag that they had, and as such she was done easier within an hour, while she was more than aware that they would be gone for a couple more.

She had spent the next hour grooming both Care Bear and Star, who had delighted in the attention. They to knew what packed bags and a good grooming meant, and they seemed to get geared up. Already ready to begin the next leg of their journey.

After going back into the house they had taken over, Filly knelt down onto the hard wood floor and moved the area rug. The last thing she always did was to leave Daniel a clue. This time she already knew where they were heading, but that made it the more difficult, because she couldn’t leave something blatant.

South by southwest do birds fly
As do I
But working in clay
Might make me stay

As she finished carving the letter J into the floor, she heard Orion and Seajay’s voices as they came up the front steps. Quickly pulling the rug back over her latest clue, she sat down on the carpet and waited.
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