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[24 May 2011|07:38pm]

[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Aaliyah - I Miss You ]

ACK! Sorry I've been so gone you guys! Life and I got crazy for a little bit there. But I'm back and ready to play and plot! Loz, Fi, Kat, I know I owe you and am ON IT! MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL! ♥♥♥

Bella AKA Sugar/Bee/Knight/Sway

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And so is the Bitch... [23 May 2011|11:04pm]

It's Debbie again, and here is my second charie, MAC. She's had an even more colorful past than Kahea: lover mudered in front of her eyes, leader of a gang by 16, killing her (step) father, taking pleasure in torture and blood... ah, those were the days...

But she's different now. After meeting a certian carnie back in Sundance, Mac's been trying to keep to the straight and narrow. She helps people rather than hurt, and she's been trying to work on her anger problems... But thankfully it was her very anger issues that got her and her broken friend, Kahea, out of Sundance and now starting a new.

Mac was part of the same tribe as Lawliss and Junk back in Sundance, and now that she has re-joined them she intends to help in anyway she can. But her skils are limited 9hunting, fighting, manipulating...) She is open to try something new however. She is also staying at the Van Horn Apartments with Kahea. Once again, hit me up with ideas and plots! :)

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The Water Sprite is back! [23 May 2011|10:56pm]

Hello friends, and new friends! I'm Debbie. I'm also from Devil's Tower and I bring you two character NEW to this game, but from the OLD world of DT.

The first is this beauty here, Kahea. She's a military brat with a colorfull past. She left Sundance, WY because the love of her life (well, the one who meant the most to her anyways) disappeard and in her grief, she was forced to leave for her own sanity. She's got a bit of a green thumb and can be of use to the farm, though currently she and her roomie are located at the Van Horn Apartments. She's always been more of a city girl than a country one, so she'll be staying in town but she would still go and check and help on stuff at the farm, no worries about that.

Since it's September in the game but still warm out, others can most definetly find Kahea at the river doing what she loves and knows best, swimming. :) Hit me up with any ideas! My AIM is Kahea13 and my Y!M (I use most often) is lestatlover13. I'm SO glad to be here!! :D

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[20 May 2011|01:20pm]

This is just a reminder of something I am not sure we have told you guys yet! Each month on the 28th we will be doing ads and week changes. That means as of this coming Sat. you will have one week left of this...week. Man that sounds odd.
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[18 May 2011|05:29pm]

Creamtion and mental health screanings man I love the ads on this journal.
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[16 May 2011|11:01am]

Alright people. The tags for everyone that has posted something in the RP comm are in. I didn't do everyone's tags and if you already had one I skipped that entry. So you will have to fill in the blanks. If you don't have one it probably means you haven't posted anything. Shame on you. If you have and you don't have a tag yet just comment here and let us know and we will add it.

Let me know if I have this wrong but it looks like the only two that need to be added to the cast page are Never and Rett. DONE!
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[16 May 2011|09:41am]

Well Hello Refuge! Kris here first and foremost I would like to apologize for being abscent for the past week or so. Work and RL have both been hectic. I will get right on the cast page and get the tags going so everyone can actually tag their posts!

But the other reason for this post as you are probably noticing is a new character that looks a great deal like another in game! Meet Never. Never is the twin sister of Roma and has been in Clayton for the past five years. She was here with the Virus struck. She lives out at the Redfern farm which might just make it on the map since it is important enough to. That also reminds me if you guys want to add where you live and stuff to the map and grab a pic I would be happy to add it just tell me where it is and everything. It might take me a bit but it should be fun!

Alright Never is a smart cookie and she can be rather...dark. She had the bad end of her sister being abducted when they were kids. Her mother went crazy then her father got a divorce and she just isn't the happiest little thing.

So...friends, enemies, whatever? Let the confusiom begin!
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[11 May 2011|06:13am]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hey guys! Just thought I'd let you know that I'm back, I had to take a brief break. I got a shiny new Y!M too, so hit me up on imdrawnthatway there or, as always ArtemisHunted on Aim!


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AIM [10 May 2011|11:19pm]

Just got my laptop back in working order and so hopefully I'll be malfunction free for a week (we're taking it slow).
As it was wiped I've reinstalled everything including my AIM messengar but I'm under the new name fortunefeather (It makes no sense because all the good ones were taken.  Go figure...)

Sooo yeah I'm adding everyone I can so when that pops up it's not spam it's just mee =]

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Making like Will Wallace [07 May 2011|12:43am]

And claiming my freedom. =]
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Yo [05 May 2011|07:57pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Hey team refuge, brief hiatus, just got back from the crem putting flowers down for my grandad, so really not feeling great and then tomorrow my lovely guys and gals from work are coming over to cheer me up.

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Belated hello.. [05 May 2011|04:45pm]

Hey all, Jeds here (late to the OOC section, as usual). Figured I should say something and introduce my boys a bit.

Currently I have Scotch ( [info]_scotch) , who was in Devils for a little while but wasn't too sociable due to being a bit messed up in the head. He's still paranoid and depressive at times but has improved since being reunited with Shine... who basically just had to say <i>"we're leaving"</i> without any real explanation and he would've gone with her regardless. He's lovely really, he's just been through a lot (haven't they all!) and was pretty close to completely snapping. He's also having age issues lol, feeling a tad old at 30 with a 12 year old daughter and adopted son, and everyone around him being younger.

My second character (and owner of this account) is Reb ([info]rebel_con ).
Reb is an ex-carnie, ex-con, a walking encyclopaedia and dictionary, and one hell of a trouble magnet. He arrived in Clayton about two years ago in the same group as Sugar, and the two are officially partners in crime. If there's trouble, he won't be far (doesn't mean he started it though! That only happens a few times...honest.)
I've actually been writing him for months and he was originally going to be in Devils but then he wandered off in my head and only recently came back.

If anyone wants to grab them for plots give me a shout on here, through email or your best bet on AIM (Jediyauk). I do have YIM (ezra_vii) as well but I forget to log into it, I'll try to remember in future if anyone wants to grab me on there.

I do also have two more characters in the works, hopefully it won't be long before they're around causing mayhem <_<
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My Third! [05 May 2011|08:34am]

I have set a personal record and finished my third character! His name is Rett. He's pretty much a punk kid who has an attitude and a thing for getting in trouble, but he really wants to find his kid sister whom Jay is bringing in soonish. He's an artist too, likes to sculpt and such.
Meet Rett.

Oh yes, and I forgot to say, but I'm on Y!M (deisara.chan)a lot if anyone wants plot with Kenji, Seajay or Rett.

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[04 May 2011|12:25pm]

It won't let me imbed it but I felt like sharing for those that don't watch Glee because Shepherd's PB IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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[03 May 2011|07:02pm]

Hi! It's Kat again with Asher. He's from Nebraska and he's been living almost 100% alone since the virus drove off or killed everyone in his town. Not 100% because he has his dog Chewie with him. He's about to arrive in town with an 18-wheeler full of junk food and frozen food so if yours have a hankering for something that might not expire for a few years, he's about to make them happy.
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Hola [03 May 2011|10:33am]

Hi everybody, this is Sara and I'm a late OOC bloomer like Ms. Jay. ;P I am really excited about this game and so glad that Loz and Kris put it together. Anywho, so far I have two boys: Seajay and Kenji at [info]wander_darkstar and [info]2ndson.

Seajay was actually the very first character that I created for Devil's Tower years ago, but he never really took off in DT. So, I've revamped him a little for the Refuge and am so excited to be able to play him! He's the youngest son of the scientists who created the Ans virus. He has an older brother named Charlie that he got separated from shortly after the everything went to hell from the virus. He's currently hanging with Filly and Orion, the latter of whom rescued him from a group of crazy soldiers who had wanted to execute him in front of a crowd to gain power over a city. He's rather paranoid still and sticks close to his bffs but I want him to meet other people! It would even be interesting if someone vaguely recognized him seeing as his family's photo was all over the world for various reasons. Before the virus he was on his way to becoming a world renowned pianist. He also has an australian cattle dog named Star that is always at his side.

Kenji came down from Sundance with Tigerlily. He's a fairly quiet and traditional Japanese man who was once an underling in the Yakuza even though he sort of deserved a higher position, but that's a long story. Now he's there to protect his best friend and help her find his sister. I am always looking for him to interact with people who can open his mind and help him loosen up a little.

And finally, this is really jumping the gun, but I am working on a third character because I have a PB that cannot get out of my head and simply MUST use. Meet Rett. If anyone wants to plot with me while I'm developing something I'm totally open. :)

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[02 May 2011|07:00pm]

Hey all!

This is a little belated from me, but better late than never, right? This would be Jay. I have two kids for you so far, though only one is at full character status.

Orion [info]_protectorate is the third person traveling with Seajay and Filly. He comes from a military background and is kind of the stoic, stony-faced type unless you really get to know him. He's fiercely protective of those he cares about, so if anyone even thinks about harming Seajay or Filly, you will have him to deal with. You can read up about him here.

Then this lovely lady is Mouse [info]minimouse. She's from over at DT. She'll be an NPC for this game's purposes as she'll be coming around with Grey to visit English, Yeates and Frankie. She's a little older now (19) and has grown up some (a.k.a. has a new PB), but she's still the same Mouse. And now she's actually with Grey, though that news hasn't been brought to Clayton yet! For those of you who don't remember her too well, you can read her original stuff here and her new stuff here.

I have a third in the works but she's not finished quite yet. And if anyone has plot lines they need/want filled, please let me know! I have too much imagination and don't know what to do with it, haha.

You can still find me on AIM under fannedblaze or email at And my YIM is inspired_by_words. Hit me up!
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Hi. I'm Bella, and I'm an addict. [02 May 2011|01:43pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hi everyone! So....Bella is an addict and has brought two more to the Refuge. First up, I'll introduce Sugar, the owner of this journal, then Sway, someone you may recognize!

Sugar is the horsewoman of Clayton. She from Savannah, Georgia and speaks with a thick accent. She takes care of her two horses, Artemis and Apollo, and whoever else needs her to take care of theirs. She also gives riding lessons and stuff too. She's searching for her two older brothers, David and Michael, but has a third who may not have survived. She's a lot of fun, LOVES practical jokes, and is very bouncy.

Second we have Sway! [info]makesyousway, my dancer who was in DT for about ten minutes. She's coming to Clayton with Smith's baby, only....he doesn't know about it yet. She doesn't know that Sheperd is Smith's brother or even if Smith is there. She's a pretty good gardener by now and is always a dancer to anyone willing to learn/wants to see her perform.

So hit me up if you want to chat or plot! As always, my AIM is ArtemisHunted and my email is!

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Just a quick one. [30 Apr 2011|03:00pm]

Just thought I'd let you know I've got another female floating around here.  Her name is Roma and she's a gypsy.  She's set up a fortune telling booth on the pier and sells rope bracelettes when she can get her hand on the yarn.  She's small and likes to wear diguises but her eyes give her away every time.

She's also a twin - a character I'll be throwing out in the wanted area soonly I hope.

Hit me up, you know my YIM sorry I don't have AIM it hates my face.

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[29 Apr 2011|07:44pm]

Hi! I'm Kat, I'm here with Marlo ([info]greene_grower), who bypassed Sundance and went straight for Clayton. She's a farm girl with a teaching degree, putting her farming know-how to good use here for the benefit of all.

I can't wait to start!! You can hit me up most reliably on IM at twisttofitx for plotting, or comment!
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