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[29 Jun 2011|11:32am]
OMG I FAIL! I went on vacation and forgot to tell anyone...oops. My bad guys! But I am back and here to play!

English is so jumping in on that thread with Mac cause she remembers her! And I am damn sure that Mac will remember the crazy Farm Wolf that shot first and asked questions later.

We also need to start filling out the seats on the council! If you are interested let us modly sorts know.
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I'm Home! [29 Jun 2011|10:27pm]
And I have tags back to Black Cat, Yeates, Nico, Trigger, and Felix. I'm also working on a thread for Kahea and English. I leave again July 11th- 18th. and work and school is a drag too, but I'm sticking with Kahea and Mac, and I'm making a brand new baby, then NO MORE! I need to have balance in my life... (we'll see how long that lasts before I make another)

Love you all!
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