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IDEAS!! [03 Jun 2011|10:56pm]
Here are some Ideas for threads I've had floating around in my cranium. :D

A thread with Either/or Sway and Sugar to bring Kahea's spirits up (There's an open thread)
A dance thread with Sway
A random encounter with Black Cat (check)
A random encounter with Shepard would be interesting too
An interaction with Felix (There's an open thread)
Throw something at me! (not literally)

A run-in with Mustang
A run-in with either/or Knight and Bee
Past thread with Lawliss (finding each other in Clayton) (check)
Current thread with Lawliss (and/or Junk too!)
A thread with Reb playing cards (There's an open thread)
A run0in with Yeates (Already posted)
mores Ideas pleases!
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