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The Water Sprite is back! [23 May 2011|10:56pm]
Hello friends, and new friends! I'm Debbie. I'm also from Devil's Tower and I bring you two character NEW to this game, but from the OLD world of DT.

The first is this beauty here, Kahea. She's a military brat with a colorfull past. She left Sundance, WY because the love of her life (well, the one who meant the most to her anyways) disappeard and in her grief, she was forced to leave for her own sanity. She's got a bit of a green thumb and can be of use to the farm, though currently she and her roomie are located at the Van Horn Apartments. She's always been more of a city girl than a country one, so she'll be staying in town but she would still go and check and help on stuff at the farm, no worries about that.

Since it's September in the game but still warm out, others can most definetly find Kahea at the river doing what she loves and knows best, swimming. :) Hit me up with any ideas! My AIM is Kahea13 and my Y!M (I use most often) is lestatlover13. I'm SO glad to be here!! :D

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And so is the Bitch... [23 May 2011|11:04pm]
It's Debbie again, and here is my second charie, MAC. She's had an even more colorful past than Kahea: lover mudered in front of her eyes, leader of a gang by 16, killing her (step) father, taking pleasure in torture and blood... ah, those were the days...

But she's different now. After meeting a certian carnie back in Sundance, Mac's been trying to keep to the straight and narrow. She helps people rather than hurt, and she's been trying to work on her anger problems... But thankfully it was her very anger issues that got her and her broken friend, Kahea, out of Sundance and now starting a new.

Mac was part of the same tribe as Lawliss and Junk back in Sundance, and now that she has re-joined them she intends to help in anyway she can. But her skils are limited 9hunting, fighting, manipulating...) She is open to try something new however. She is also staying at the Van Horn Apartments with Kahea. Once again, hit me up with ideas and plots! :)

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