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[16 May 2011|09:41am]
Well Hello Refuge! Kris here first and foremost I would like to apologize for being abscent for the past week or so. Work and RL have both been hectic. I will get right on the cast page and get the tags going so everyone can actually tag their posts!

But the other reason for this post as you are probably noticing is a new character that looks a great deal like another in game! Meet Never. Never is the twin sister of Roma and has been in Clayton for the past five years. She was here with the Virus struck. She lives out at the Redfern farm which might just make it on the map since it is important enough to. That also reminds me if you guys want to add where you live and stuff to the map and grab a pic I would be happy to add it just tell me where it is and everything. It might take me a bit but it should be fun!

Alright Never is a smart cookie and she can be rather...dark. She had the bad end of her sister being abducted when they were kids. Her mother went crazy then her father got a divorce and she just isn't the happiest little thing.

So...friends, enemies, whatever? Let the confusiom begin!
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[16 May 2011|11:01am]
Alright people. The tags for everyone that has posted something in the RP comm are in. I didn't do everyone's tags and if you already had one I skipped that entry. So you will have to fill in the blanks. If you don't have one it probably means you haven't posted anything. Shame on you. If you have and you don't have a tag yet just comment here and let us know and we will add it.

Let me know if I have this wrong but it looks like the only two that need to be added to the cast page are Never and Rett. DONE!
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