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My Third! [05 May 2011|08:34am]
I have set a personal record and finished my third character! His name is Rett. He's pretty much a punk kid who has an attitude and a thing for getting in trouble, but he really wants to find his kid sister whom Jay is bringing in soonish. He's an artist too, likes to sculpt and such.
Meet Rett.

Oh yes, and I forgot to say, but I'm on Y!M (deisara.chan)a lot if anyone wants plot with Kenji, Seajay or Rett.

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Belated hello.. [05 May 2011|04:45pm]
Hey all, Jeds here (late to the OOC section, as usual). Figured I should say something and introduce my boys a bit.

Currently I have Scotch ( [info]_scotch) , who was in Devils for a little while but wasn't too sociable due to being a bit messed up in the head. He's still paranoid and depressive at times but has improved since being reunited with Shine... who basically just had to say <i>"we're leaving"</i> without any real explanation and he would've gone with her regardless. He's lovely really, he's just been through a lot (haven't they all!) and was pretty close to completely snapping. He's also having age issues lol, feeling a tad old at 30 with a 12 year old daughter and adopted son, and everyone around him being younger.

My second character (and owner of this account) is Reb ([info]rebel_con ).
Reb is an ex-carnie, ex-con, a walking encyclopaedia and dictionary, and one hell of a trouble magnet. He arrived in Clayton about two years ago in the same group as Sugar, and the two are officially partners in crime. If there's trouble, he won't be far (doesn't mean he started it though! That only happens a few times...honest.)
I've actually been writing him for months and he was originally going to be in Devils but then he wandered off in my head and only recently came back.

If anyone wants to grab them for plots give me a shout on here, through email or your best bet on AIM (Jediyauk). I do have YIM (ezra_vii) as well but I forget to log into it, I'll try to remember in future if anyone wants to grab me on there.

I do also have two more characters in the works, hopefully it won't be long before they're around causing mayhem <_<
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Yo [05 May 2011|07:57pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Hey team refuge, brief hiatus, just got back from the crem putting flowers down for my grandad, so really not feeling great and then tomorrow my lovely guys and gals from work are coming over to cheer me up.

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