October 2016



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Nov. 24th, 2015


Congratulations! Doorway is three years old! It’s been quite a journey and I know we can honestly say we’ve never been in a game like this with a community this big that's gone so hard for so long (?). So party hats all around, Doorway is old enough for pre-school!

We had a few things to go over at the anniversary.

We party as we live, with far too many words )

So there's basically an impromptu State of the RP. We've still got a thriving and energetic game and we have you guys to thank for the creativity, enthusiasm, and willingness to tag along you've all shown for the past three years and let's hope we can keep this ball rolling!

Apr. 20th, 2015


Hi everyone. Okay. We know that lately the game has been in upheaval. We have had a lot of shake ups recently and a lot of you have contacted us asking about Doorway and where it stands right now.

So welcome to our first ever:

State of the RP

Discussion of the Game, Current Plots, and Future Plots. incl sparkle text )

SO! what we want from you is Feedback. This is the place to ask questions about plots or game mechanics you might have / have had, give ideas for Tesseract villains, MCU villains, or plots that you might like to see, and give input on what you would like to get at DW! Because it's everyone's game!