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January 20th, 2010

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Attempted wibbly-wobbly reduction

In my continued (but brief and spaced out) attempts to sort out a timeline, I remember that iantos_desktop had attempted to work out a timeline for TW/DW/SJA. Here's a link for the 21st century timeline. I think it does a very good job of figuring out when things happen based on on-screen given dates and some extra material, with some necessary ignoring of contradictory stuff (as the author puts it for one of the dates, "I've decided to just hum to myself a lot and pretend this problem doesn't exist"). Some things just plain don't work as told; for instance, Toshiko's got three or four birthdays depending on which episode and book you look at. Nice work, continuity folks who don't exist.

Anyway, since it's useful to have a timeline to refer to, I thought that one looked like a pretty good possibility. Some of the dates estimated there are ones I arrived at, too, which gives support to my theory that I'm awesome. Or something like that. Right, okay, the point is, I've tried to figure out where some of our personal canon dates could fall relative to those events. Below, I've got some proposed dates for your consideration:
  • 2008 Jan or Feb — As per iantos_desktop, "End of Days"/first part of "Utopia" happens, with Jack running off after the Doctor. (It's a date earlier than when Martha left with the Doctor, but I agree with the reasoning that the Doctor could easily have taken the TARDIS back then to take advantage of all the Rift activity.)
  • 2008 late June — Martha goes away with the Doctor. Four days later in the timeline (though longer for her personally), they return with Jack via his vortex manipulator, the Year That Never Was happens, and then Martha and Jack go back to their respective non-TARDIS lives. "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" happens. The TW website's messages put a contradictory date on this and the TARDIS wiki follows that; I feel it should be ignored since that website got all sorts of dates inconsistent with what's said in interviews, on-screen, and/or books. Useful story material, but not useful dates.
  • 2008 August — As per iantos_desktop, "To the Last Man". I think this date works well for personal canon and the reasoning on that timeline, rather than the real world calendar possibilities of June 2008, Feb 2009 or March 2009 based on the on-screen Friday the 20th (unspecified month or year). They really need a continuity person at BBC Wales...
  • 2009 Marchiantos_desktop and I agreed (but with different reasoning) that this month works well for "Fragments/"Exit Wounds". April is also possible based on the whole "episodes happen one year after their airdate" idea, but the stories don't tend to play out as each one week apart, especially back-to-back ones like those that aired two weeks apart.
  • 2009 April or May — Personal canon-wise, a good possibility for when Jack and Ianto got pulled out to Margate.
  • 2009 May or June — A month following that, Jack and Ianto return thanks to the awesome of the Doctor and his TARDIS.
  • 2009 Summer — "The Stolen Earth/Journey's End", which iantos_desktop suggests July for. "Journey's End" aired in July, actually.
  • 2010 post-New Year's — Us! ♥ (which would make things 6 months after DW4, if we like July for that)

One of the tricky things I can't get my head around yet (and apparently other timelines struggle with as well) is that the Battle of Canary Wharf seems to have happened in summer 2007, which makes for all kinds of weirdness with how far apart Ianto and Gwen are said to have joined versus suggested time that Gwen joined versus various other dates... *headspinny* Since that date most affects the Doctor, Rose, and Ianto, I'd rather know what y'all think works for that event!