Supernatural Storylines

May 21st, 2012

10:05 pm - [info]obliviousally - The Roadhouse; supernatural, season three and on [JCINK]

Our plot picks up after No Rest For The Wicked and initially focuses on the four months before Lazarus Rising. Sam is on his own now that Dean is in Hell, trying to make deals with Crossroads Demons and anyone who's willing to sell. Ruby's presence is lacking until she returns from Hell to assist Sam in honing his otherworldly powers. Bobby may or may not be drunk, depending on the day.

Outside of human and Hunter knowledge, both Angelic and Demonic forces are preparing for what will likely be a full scale war. The Demons and Lilith are doing their best to continue breaking the seals needed to release Lucifer from the box. The Angels are preparing for the worst and setting into motion plans to pull the eldest Winchester brother from the Pit.

The question that remains is: how does your character react to and live within a world that is changing so drastically and, oftentimes, in an unnoticed manner? While the general populace may be blissful in their ignorance, those who are more in the know of darker forces can certianly feel something on the horizon. Something bad and something that could change their lives in unbelievable ways.
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