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May 20th, 2012

12:07 pm - [info]heat_mod

The Flame's Heat

Elena has finally made her choice. Never having fallen out of love with Stefan, she calls Damon to tell him goodbye. She's chosen Stefan because of so many things. Where she is in her life right now, what she wants out of life. Of course, that all changes with one accident. Rebekah stands in the middle of the road, wanting it all to end. To kill Alaric, who is hunting the Originals now, she must kill Elena. Matt, drives them off the bridge and Stefan gets there in time. One of the reasons that she chose him was because of this. She motions him to save Matt first, and he does. What happens next is everyone's worst nightmare. Well, almost everyone. Stefan comes back for Elena too late, and she dies.

The problem is, Meredith has been using vampire blood to help patients. Having given Elena some prior, she knows that if Elena dies, she will wake up. In transition of becoming a vampire. Damon arrives in time to see her wake. Now the differences of the brothers comes to light. Damon would have saved Elena first, no matter her protests and she would still be alive. Stefan listened to Elena, gave her that choice, but now she is faced with a difficult choice. She has never wanted to become a vampire, and the alternative is to die.

Bonnie may be able to help but would she? Something has changed for the young witch. She has used magic she never expected to have to use. Opened herself to more possibilities, and consequences. She has her own secrets and they may prove to be the final undoing for everyone.

Elena made a choice, but now everything has changed. For everyone. Alaric is dead, Elena may become a vampire, and Elijah is back. Will the Salvatore brothers be able to work together or has this been the final straw in their relationship? Will Elena transition and if so what kind of vampire will she be? Another Katherine? Worse? Who will she trust to help her make this decision?

Game opens With 6 characters.
Most Wanted: Elijah, \Stefan Salvatore, Tyler Lockwood
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