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November 24th, 2007

09:56 am - Folie à Deux
Title: Folie à Deux
Author: [info]bluestocking79
Rating: G as can be!
Warnings: None
Summary: Luna is inspired by the winter's first snow. Severus is inspired by Luna.
Notes: A pair of drabbles, originally written for [info]snape100, for the prompt "Weather." Also, the term “folie à deux” refers to “the madness of two,” or a delusion shared by two people.

Let it snow... )

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September 23rd, 2007

07:09 pm - DRABBLE: Solace (PG)
Title: Solace
Author: [info]bluestocking79
Rating: PG
Warnings: Slight DH spoiler, if you squint.
Disclaimer: Snape and Luna aren't mine; I just wish they were. J.K. Rowling owns them.
Summary: Luna knows just how to keep the nightmares away.
Notes: This was originally written for the weekly challenge at [info]snape100, but I thought I might post it here as well, since it is Snuna. Enjoy!

Solace )

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