Fri, Mar. 27th, 2009, 08:18 pm
[info]magrat_me: Those we love

Title: Those we love
Artist: [info]magrat_me
Character: James Potter
Rating: G
Media used: pencil, paper, PhotoShop CS2
A/N: Those we love never die. They live on in our hearts forever © Happy Birthday Prongs! ♥

Those we love never die...
by ~Magrat-me on deviantART

Thu, Mar. 5th, 2009, 08:54 pm
[info]mindabbles: ONLY A FEW DAYS LEFT TO SIGN UP!!!

I am quite sure there is not enough James/Sirius planned for this challenge, or James/Sirius/Remus, for that matter. Head on over and check it out, drop some Jamesy ideas at the plot bunny drop. James must be there!


BIG BANG BLACKOUT: This time, it's Sirius

[info]bigbangblackout is a Sirius-centric fest which will feature longer fanfic (20K and over) and accompanying art. Any and all non-crossover Sirius pairings are welcome - het or slash - as well as non-pairing gen, as long as they're Sirius-centric. If you're interested, please come over and check out the community!

In addition to the sign-ups, there are communities for writers and artists, a Word Count Widget, and a plot bunny drop off! Something for everyone, no?

[info]bigbangblackout will be the main community for sign us and moderator posts, but there is a mirror on Insane Journal, which will be updated simultaneously, if you'd prefer to monitor activity from there.

This is a character-centric big bang, rather than a pairing-centric one. So submissions can pair Sirius with anybody and anything -- male, female, animal, mineral, vegetable -- or, for fan-authors and fan-artists of gen, with nobody (or nothing) at all. Well, okay, there is a slight catch. Fics and art must be HP-based: no crossovers with other fandoms will be accepted.

We're looking for authors, artists, betas, readers, hand-holders, cheerleaders and all 'round Sirius-lovers to join up and participate.

Sign-ups are open, but before you head there, please read through the rules and the faq.


If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email the mods:
sirius.mod AT gmail DOT com

Wed, Feb. 18th, 2009, 11:26 pm
[info]mindabbles: [info]bigbangblackout: This Time It Sirius!!

Have you seen this? You must have seen this! Think about it...epic Sirius fics and art. Surely James should be there...

COMING 23 FEBRUARY TO [info]bigbangblackout

Wed, Oct. 29th, 2008, 08:38 pm
[info]mindabbles: Back to School Fest FIC: Capable Hands; James/Kingsley; NC-17

Title: Capable Hands
Author/Artist: [info]mindabbles
Characters/Pairing: James/Kingsley
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own James or Kingsley. They are JKR's.
Warnings/kinks: Blow job, hand job, James gets more than he bargained for.
Notes: This is for the 2008 Back to School Fest and is the third in an arc of three (maybe four) fics, all for prompt #17, "Yeah, I see what you mean Remus," said a bald black wizard standing farthest back; he had a deep, slow voice and wore a single gold hoop in his ear. "He looks exactly like James." -Kingsley Shacklebolt. This one also uses the prompt: Tree.
Many thanks to [info]elizassecret for the beta.
Summary: Kingsley pressed his hand against James' chest as his lips gentled and the kiss slowed. James had a fleeting moment of panic that he may have misjudged the situation and be in way over his head with the younger boy.
Category(s): Romance/Fluff, PWP

Here are the first two in the arc. Each one stands on its own—perhaps especially this one.

Part 1: The Benefits of Lingering

Part 2: Why Don't You Come Here?

Part 3: James almost laughed out loud at the look on Shacklebolt's face. )

Tue, Oct. 28th, 2008, 04:02 pm
[info]mindabbles: Back to School Fest Fic: Ambush; James/Remus; NC-17; by DrunkenZeppelin517

Title: Ambush
Author/Artist: Chrissy/DrunkenZeppelin517
Pairing: James/Remus with hints of James/Remus/Sirius
Rating: Hard R/NC-17
Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing in this world. Nooootttthhhhiiiinnnnggg.
Warnings/kinks: Some dirty talking, some light spanking. And the obligatory boy-sex ;-D
Notes: Written for the Back To School Fest...and many, many thanks to Min for the beta. I appreciate it!

Summary: Last days of summer always drag on. And James can always find something to amuse himself.

Read more )

Fri, Oct. 24th, 2008, 09:01 pm
[info]mindabbles: Hello? Hello?

Hellooooo out there. Oh, I hope somebody answers…

Hello James fans. This is a friendly, erm, well it's me begging actually so let's not call it something else.

There is exactly one week left in the Back to School Fest!

There have been exactly *cough* two fics posted thus far.

So, here's the thing, anyone who posts a fic or art work of any length or size by next Friday will have my undying regard AND you may ask me to do one of the following: A) If you leave me a James-related pairing, situation or prompt to this post, I will write you a ficlet (gen or slash, any rating) or; B) I will spend one hour volunteering for No On Prop 8 in your honor.


Mon, Oct. 20th, 2008, 07:46 pm
[info]mindabbles: Back To School Fest FIC: Why Don't You Come Here? [James/Sirius, James/Kingsely; light R]

Title: Why Don't You Come Here?
Author/Artist: [info]mindabbles
Characters/Pairing: James/Sirius, James/Kingsley
Rating: light R
Disclaimer: I am sorry to say that I don't own James, Sirius, or Kingsley.
Warnings/kinks: Tiny bit of voyeurism and a tease at the end.
Notes: This is for the 2008 Back to School Fest and is the second in an arc of four fics, all for prompt #17, "Yeah, I see what you mean Remus," said a bald black wizard standing farthest back; he had a deep, slow voice and wore a single gold hoop in his ear. "He looks exactly like James." -Kingsley Shacklebolt. This one also uses the prompt: Whisper.
Many thanks to [info]elizassecret for the beta.
Summary: His thoughts, as they were wont to do, wandered to twinkling hazel eyes, lean, muscular shoulders, and a Quidditch-toned arse.
Category(s): Romance/Fluff, UST (resolved next time, I promise).

You're just using me. )

Mon, Sep. 22nd, 2008, 04:25 pm
[info]mindabbles: Back to School Fest FIC: The Benefits of Lingering; PG-13

Title: The Benefits of Lingering
Author/Artist: [info]mindabbles
Characters/Pairing: Kingsley, implied James/Sirius
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer:I am sorry to say that I don't own James, Sirius, or Kingsley. Or Remus for that matter.
Warnings/kinks: None yet.
Notes: This is for the 2008 Back to School Fest. The plan is for this to be first in an arc of three or four fics, all for prompt #17, "Yeah, I see what you mean Remus," said a bald black wizard standing farthest back; he had a deep, slow voice and wore a single gold hoop in his ear. "He looks exactly like James." -Kingsley Shacklebolt. This one also uses the prompt: Dress Code Violation. AND many smooches to [info]elizassecret for her help with this.
Summary: He dared a glance over his shoulder and let himself look just as the only other team mate in the showers turned to go. Potter and he were alone in there and Kingsley's lungs stopped working.
Category(s): Romance/Fluff, UST

The warm water pounded on Kingsley's back  )

Fri, Sep. 12th, 2008, 10:21 pm
[info]mindabbles: FALL FIC AND ART FEST

Don't forget: on Monday, September 15th, posting can begin for [info]stagnight's Fall Fic and Art Fest, Back to School. So, since I know you are all madly typing away, I will leave it at that. 

Sun, Sep. 7th, 2008, 09:15 pm

Hello All! As promised, here are links to works recently posted at our LJ community. Enjoy!

And, don't forget the Fall Fic and Art Fest, Back To School. Join us for the fun!

Napoleon in Three Acts
Author: [info]snegurochka_lee
Pairings: Sirius/James, Sirius/Regulus
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, dub-con, three canon character deaths, sex between people aging from 16 to 19.
Word Count: ~5,400
Summary: One brother: the one you love above all others. Two brothers: the ones you can never choose between.
Notes: For the Reclaimed Treasures Challenge. I guess I never posted this one here when the comm was locked. :) Originally written for [info]tarieat the 2008 [info]hp_springsmutexchange, who wanted these two pairings with uniforms, banter, angst, and a few sexual endeavours that are listed at the end of the story. Many thanks to [info]islandsmokefor the beta.

Napoleon in Three Acts )


Author: [info]misanagi
Pairing: James/Sirius
Rating: PG
Summary: They never knew when they had crossed the line, they never even knew there was a line there until they looked back and noticed that yeah, that line had been crossed long ago.
Word Count: 411
Notes: originally written for [info]chatonaas a Christmas gift.

Read )


Title: Allowances
Author: [info]misanagi
Sirius and James. Hints of slash
Rating: PG
Summary: Sometimes Sirius stares.
Word count: 331

( read )


They Shouldn't Know
Author: [info]freudian_fuckup
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: slash, graphic sex, angst, underage
Summary: The things they were never supposed to know are the hardest things to forget.

thump, thump, thump


Title: Dear Sirius (part 1/?)
Author: duva & fictionalcandie via garderob
Genre: Humor/Romance
Chapter Word Count: Ca. 2200 or thereabouts.
Chapter Rating: PG/K+, for some potentially objectionable content, like Sirius using the term "MILF" when talking to a 12 year old.
Spoilers: Uh, not really. It's so ridiculously AU that it kinda becomes almost completely unspoilerific.
Pairing: Pre-James/Sirius (for now).
Warnings: AU. Lots of frequently horrible advice.
We are not JKR and do not own these characters — at least, not the ones you recognise. Please don't sue us, Jo!
Summary: Thrice weekly in the Evening Prophet's entertainment section, Sirius Black answers all your questions, from the mundane to the complicated to the just plain weird.
Notes: Hello, [info]stagnight! We're longtime followers of this comm, but this is our first post here, and we're very excited about it, as might be obvious from these A/Ns, hehe. To give fair warning, this fic is a WIP. Currently there are about 25 chapters planned out, with more to follow; the first 11 are already posted to our journal, garderob, and we intend to catch you guys up over the next couple of weeks or so. Sorry in advance if you feel spammed! Each chapter is a whole week's worth of Sirius's column as well as an extra segment, usually a roleplaying-style action one, just like in this chapter. Most of the important backstory for this fic — where it differs from canon, anyway — can be found in the newspaper collage at the beginning of this section. (If you're still confused about something, we encourage you to please go ahead and ask about it; we don't bite, we promise!)

Dear Sirius... )

And part 2)


And that's all for now. Keep a look out for more great James slash and gen.

Thu, Aug. 28th, 2008, 07:44 pm
[info]mindabbles: FALL FIC AND ART FEST

The days are slowly getting shorter. Madame Malkin's is featuring school robes. The swimming pools are closing for the year. Quiet waves lap at lonely beaches. Fortesque's is gearing up for one last busy week. There's time for one last quick shag with your summer fling.

It's time to go Back To School!

Welcome to [info]stagnight's Back To School Fic and Art Fest*

Here's how it works: )
Here are the prompts: )

Sun, Jul. 27th, 2008, 09:34 pm
[info]mindabbles: link to post on LJ

title: can't quit now
author: crooked
pairing: james/sirius
rating: R
word count: 948
summary: That one look is enough.
a/n: repost for Challenge #1 - Reclaimed treasures. originally written for the awdt's Valentine's Quickies prompt #2 - "You could be mine."

It’s been like this for days now. )

Fri, Jul. 18th, 2008, 08:48 pm
[info]mindabbles: Summer Challenge

Hello friends of [info]stagnight! We are [info]misanagi, [info]genrespanner, and [info]mindabbles and we are the new mods here at [info]stagnight, your home for James Potter gen and slash fic, art, and meta.

Please keep watching for challenges, discussions, and an upcoming fall fest. If you stumble across a great James fic or piece of art, please bring it to our attention! We are looking for new members and hoping to inspire old friends. You can contact us at stagnight at g mail dot com or by leaving a comment to this post.

Challenges and fests will be open to all watchers as well as posting members, so come and join and play!

We will start simple.

Challenge #1: Reclaimed treasures. Dig through your journals and folders and memory sticks and share with us your favorite fics and art from the past. Watchers, you can contact the mods to make a submission. Please check the posting format guidelines on the user information page and mark any R or NC-17 submissions as such.

Thanks so much to [info]moshesque and [info]sarvihaara for creating and maintaining the place. We hope to do their lovely creation justice!

And a reminder to readers: if you see something you enjoy here, leave the author or artist a note saying so. It just might make their day.

Mon, Jul. 14th, 2008, 06:47 pm
[info]magrat_me: Art: In The Broom Cupboard (James/Sirius, NC-17)

Title: In The Broom Cupboard
Artist: magrat_me
Characters: James Potter/Sirius Black
Rating: NC-17
Media used: pencil, paper, PhotoShop CS2
Warning: blowjob
A/N: my first NC, I guess XD. NWS of course!

Thu, Jul. 12th, 2018, 09:05 pm
[info]mindabbles: Welcome to [info]stagnight

Welcome to [info]stagnight on InsaneJournal, the asylum dedicated to James Potter gen and slash fic, art, and meta. If you've found us, hopefully it is because you love James Potter and all the potential of his character.

Posting is by invite only, but please feel free to recommend pieces or artists and authors you think should be here. Fests and challenges will be open to watchers - so watch and play and keep the James love strong!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, leave a comment here or write us at stagnight at gmail dot com.


Sat, Jul. 12th, 2008, 08:47 pm
[info]mindabbles: Art: A Friend's Kiss (James/Sirius, PG-13)

Title: A Friend's Kiss
Artist: [info]magrat_me
Characters: James Potter/ Sirius Black
Rating: PG-13
Media used: pencil, paper, PhotoShop CS2
A/N 1: James & Sirius: do you want me to teach you?
A/N 2:  for masha_shamraeva

A Friend's Kiss
by ~Magrat-me on deviantART

Wed, Sep. 5th, 2007, 12:29 pm
[info]ariadneelda: Art: Just For Fun, Sirius/James, PG

[info]moshesque asked me to post this here. My apologies if you've seen it before. :-)

Title: Just For Fun
Artist: [info]ariadneelda
Pairing: Sirius/James
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: The characters belong to JK Rowling. No money is being made.
Warnings: None. The art is worksafe.
Notes: Drawn for [info]snegurochka_lee. ♥

Just For Fun )