Monday, September 5th, 2016

PB: Jared Leto
Team: Juliet
Role: Infiltration
Codename: TBD (might need some help with this) Enigma

Shapeshifting: Not limited to height, weight, age, or gender, he can assume the form of any human he comes in contact with through DNA. The transformation process is almost immediate due to his increased metabolism and cell regeneration.

Cellular regeneration: Quickly allows himself to heal from injury, mostly through the consumption of blood or organs. Yes, other people's.

Hypnotic suggestion Is able to persuade others to do his bidding and control his use of hypnotic suggestion. He can give a command as normal with no effect, but can alter the delivery and once he's used what he calls "The Voice of God" (a la Jesse Custer in Preacher) and gives a command, it is literally obeyed.

Hunter Erick Jerreaux is a nightmare of a man wrapped in an appealing package. He possesses a level of charm and disarming gentleness and that is out of this world. He uses it to his advantage to strike when it's least expected, and the strikes are often lethal. Claim to fame: Has killed upward of 40 people (only twelve have been found so far); 15 sexual assaults (unreported since his victims never remember him so that wouldn't be on his record. Just a little number he keeps in his head).

Went uncaptured for twenty-five years due to his ability to change form and hypnotize witnesses and escape the scene of the crime. Surrendered in 2005 when he accidently caused the death of a child, violating the only part of his code of conduct that he abides: do not harm children. Was sentenced to Death at Louisiana State Penitentiary and was scheduled to die this year, but due to a stay of execution by the state's halting of the death penalty. He wouldn't see the execution table until 2019. Most likely transferred to Haven due to his powers and his full cooperation with authorities since his capture. Wears a cuff-like device that injects small doses of muscle relaxers that keep him sedated and unable to shift. He can only use his powers when the cuff is off. He still has the urge to use them, which is why he mostly didn't object to the transfer, not like he had much a choice. But now the question remains... using the powers for good, or evil? Hmm... Choices.

Seriously, I have a RAGING character boner right now for this one. You have NO. IDEA. HOW EXCITED I AM TO UNLEASH THE CREEP. This guy is a pretty bag of what the fuck, and I can't wait.

Please, please, please give me things. You guys are the best, and I love it so much, I had to bring someone else in. Ask all the questions you want. It helps we work out the kinks and develop him. Thank you!
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Sunday, August 28th, 2016

PB: Avril Lavigne
Team: Juliet
Role: Damage #3
Codename: Livewire
Electricity Manipulation (primary)
Metal Exoskeleton (secondary, boosts her electricity manipulation, and can only be used while her electric powers are active, gives her extra weight but not strength)
Power Augmentation (secondary, only works on other supers and not herself, and only activates automatically when her metal armor is up)

Lemme try her again, because Juliet's too good of a fit for her to pass up. :X Livewire's a little bit of an unstable hellion, fun and crazy and dangerous. She has mood swings and a hair trigger. Her biggest weakness is how easily this is influenced. Enjoys drinking, smoking, sex, and violence, and is inappropriate. Will flirt with or proposition most people at least once, whether she ought to or not, whether she follows through or not. Needs a firm hand from authority figures and has never had any time in Nirvana, but is surprisingly very obedient on missions. That's because she loves going out on missions and the excuses to use her powers without repercussions. Sometimes she's a little resentful of how disposable the Juliets are, and other times she revels in the challenge and adrenaline. I haven't decided on the extent of her crimes prior to the GC, but murder's probably in there somewhere.

Obviously lives on the same floor as and trains with Romeos, will know other Juliets, and will probably make the circuits to meeting other teams' members whenever she gets the chance.
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Holds for the Juliet and Romeo teams are now open. Please be aware that Romeos, especially, have relevant plot to consider, which will be outlined below. The Tank, Healer, Surveillance, and Infiltration all come with special requirements. Additionally, the Infiltration and Wildcard #3 spots are reserved for two current characters who will be transferred to Romeo later this week. If anyone else would like to reserve a spot for transfer similarly, let us know before someone places a hold for that space.

On August 30th, while attempting to arrest Isabella Sciuto, daughter of the infamous Sciuto Mafia, the Romeos will run into more trouble than even they think they're bargaining for. The results will be the death of their Healer, Surveillance, Infiltration, and Wildcard #3 members, and the capture of a comatose Isabella. She will be brought back to the Purgatory facility for treatment of wounds sustained, evaluation, and round the clock monitoring, though she will not wake up for the next few weeks. Word about the Romeo casualties will spread through the facility when they return from their mission Tuesday night, as the sort of firefight in which the Romeos engaged is virtually unheard of for them.

Any characters filling the vacancies left by the dead supers will be transferring into the Romeo team on the 31st or 1st, at the earliest. The remaining Romeos can have been on the team for longer.
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Thursday, July 28th, 2016

If you want to apply to [info]ghostcorps, you must first make a hold. In order to hold, you must post in this comm with the information you would like to reserve and your character concept. Please refer to the information at the top of the journal for more details. If you have multiple characters you would like to hold, you can either make one post per character or condense them into one. However, if more than a day or two passes between these character ideas, please make separate posts so that the mods will definitively see the new holds.
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