Nov. 6th, 2012


h&t 001; the house rules

It's been about a month since an injured Eliot Spencer showed up at her door and kissed her, and in the time since then and now, she's been busy tracking shipments of sex slaves and going so far as to doing some undercover work that has her out of touch for days at a time. They're getting so close that she can taste it and her lack of patience is beginning to get to her.

She's left Eliot voicemails whenever she can, explaining that they've had to move some of the girls she's counseling to safe houses which is why she's been out of touch recently and now she's at the brewery lining up the shot on her third consecutive game of billiards, ignoring the stares from drunks that are admiring the little patch of exposed skin between her tight black t-shirt and her tight dark denim jeans that always sit low on her hips. The little patch of skin that Eliot first touched the night they kissed, the patch that she refused to let any other man touch since then.

Four months in Portland and she's declined a dozen dates from the men she's working with and all because of one man's hypnotic blue eyes. The shot cracks and the cue ball scatters the pool balls, sending two solids off into the right corner pocket immediately. Anna licks her lips and smirks, clearly pleased with herself as she flags down one of the waitresses and orders a glass of wine.

Oct. 12th, 2012


muse roster; bri ~willneverbreak

Just another day in the international house of crazy that is my headspace. )