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January 8th, 2007

Happy Daft Day, [info]yura_slash!

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Recipient: [info]yura_slash
Title: Crying on a moonlit night
Author: FAKE ([info]xremusxgalx)
Rating: NC17/15
Warnings: Not really, generalised sex with a plot
Prompt/Summary: Snape and Harry are soul mates, and Snape has known it since the day Harry showed up at Hogwarts, all those years ago. Now that Harry is a seventh year (and seventeen) and Voldemort is dead, Snape tries to show Harry the parts of himself that he's been hiding all this time. Angst is fine, if Snape doesn't want to confront Harry directly with the knowledge that they are soul mates (ignores HBP, post-Voldemort)
Author's Note: I didn’t manage the ignores HBP, but I think I got the rest in some way, shape or form! I make no profit from this, and all characters/places belong to JKRowling.

Crying on a moonlit night )
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