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January 25th, 2008

Happy Daft Day, [info]lotrwariorgdss!

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Recipient: [info]lotrwariorgodss
Title: An Open Book
Author: [info]snakeling
Rating: G
Warnings: AU as of OotP
Summary: Harry cooperates better when he's given a little information.
Author's Note: I ran out of time and so couldn't include as many of your prompts as I meant to, but I hope you like this anyway, [info]lotrwariorgodss!
Thanks to [info]leni_jess and [info]djin7 for their help and encouragement :) Credit for the title goes to [info]leni_jess.

An Open Book )

January 30th, 2007

Happy Daft Day [info]eriador117!

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Recipient: [info]eriador117
Title: A Hard Bargain
Author: [info]snakeling
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: chan (Harry's 14), dubious consent, bondage, bloodplay, breathplay if you squint
Prompt/Summary: One should never try bartering with a Slytherin.
Author’s Note: Many, many thanks to my betas, [info]florahart and [info]gnomad! I hope you enjoy this, [info]eriador117 :)

A Hard Bargain )
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