Jan. 24th, 2012 @ 05:11 pm that promised poll about this year's exchange

So long as there is enough interest in the exchange, we would like to continue it -- but we require a minimum of 26 participants. Our goal from the start was to have at least 24 entries by end of exchange and in our past experiences, there are almost always two drop outs, so 26 remains the minimum goal.

This year we just squeaked by. Comments were also down, which should not be assumed to be lack of interest as in our experience there are about 20 viewers for every comment received -- just ask those of us who archive our work somewhere! The viewers far outnumber those who choose to publicly share their opinion.

It's a phenomenon unlikely to change and not a task we are undertaking here, but we just want those who are unaware of such things to see that few comments don't equal few viewers.

The second order of business - location. We do love Insanejournal, but are aware not everyone does. Livejournal's policies and continued bugfuckery problems make us disinclined to post there except as a courtesy and if we continue there at all, we plan to crosspost with responses to go to the main community account only. The responses there are extremely low at any rate.

That all said, please take a moment to make your druthers known! We especially want to hear from our past participants. Naturally, if there is a question or other option not listed or just something you'd like to share relevant to the exchange, please do reply to the post with it. :)

Poll #6629 Snapely Holidays 2012
Open to: All, results viewable to: All

I would take part in [info]snapelyholidays 2012

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11 (36.7%)

maybe yes
13 (43.3%)

5 (16.7%)

as a pinch-hitter
3 (10.0%)

I would support [info]snapelyholidays by

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helping w/artwork (banners, icons) before the exchange
5 (25.0%)

helping post a weekly list of exchange fics
6 (30.0%)

helping inform HP comms of daily or hot posts
5 (25.0%)

providing beta services
13 (65.0%)

Should we move the community to Dreamwidth?

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11 (34.4%)

4 (12.5%)

I prefer keeping it at insanejournal
5 (15.6%)

I like the cross-posting
19 (59.4%)

Have you migrated a community before?

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Yes, but I can't help
1 (3.2%)

Yes & I could help
1 (3.2%)

25 (80.6%)

Migrate? Are we geese?
3 (9.7%)

Migratory ticky
5 (16.1%)

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