Dec. 23rd, 2011 @ 03:46 am gift fic for schemingreader, Snape/Lupin, PG

Recipient: schemingreader

Author: bethbethbeth
Title: Bookends
Characters: Snape, Lupin (with some vague hints of future Snape/Lupin)
Rating: PG
Content Info: *Set during Deathly Hallows. Nothing else apart from some 'adult' language*
Summary: In the end, there are no secrets.
Disclaimer: The world of HP and its characters belongs to Rowling. The author of this fic has borrowed them for the purposes of storytelling. No profit was or will be made.
Word count: ~2,020
Author Notes: Written with thanks to Simon and Garfunkel's song "Old Friends/Bookends" for both title and inspiration. And thanks so much to G for the beta! [Special note to schemingreader: another story, completely unrelated, but with the same pairing, will be posted in your honor sometime early in the new year. It's the story I originally started to write for you, but which got out of hand before I could finish.]

( Bookends )

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