Aug. 12th, 2011 @ 09:33 pm moddy note about new Snapely rule

Some have enquired about the new rule so we wanted to clarify:

- each participant must provide at least five Snape/pairings in either
slash or het (or in the case of the gen/pre-slash/pre-het/non-graphic
category, preferred characters and scenarios)

- the five pairings cannot be split between, for example, slash and het

- once five characters (threesomes count) are provided in at least one
of the three categories, then, yes, a participant may ask for only one
or two in a differing category, but the five pairing rule is absolute

This exchange is to highlight Snape in a variety of situations with a
variety of characters. This rule helps us weed out OTP and near-OTP
entries and helps provide participants a wider variety of choices, which
in turn provides everyone a wider variety of fic and art to enjoy.

Since it's a holiday exchange and meant to be fun, we're opting for
less stress and more focus on Snape overall. Our poor, overworked
wooby deserves more shags, cuddles, long conversations and cups of
Amortentia-laced tea, no?
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