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Friday, March 18th, 2005

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    NMSN: Newsies MSN: Characters
    Warning: The following is very random, and a lot of the characters are out of character because we added onto steryotypes. So, here's the info on the characters, just so you don't get too confused. All the NMSN stuff was co-written with my friend Mellie. Anyone from HPers, you know her. Anyone from The Refuge, she's the girl who got me hooked on Newsies and Newsies slash.

    So, anyways...

    NMSN: Meet the Cast )

    Ok, so, yeah. I'll be coding the actual MSN convos starting soon.

    luv n' mushrooms,

    NMSN: Part 1
    Again, warning: If you don't like Modern Newsies fic, or if you don't like random OOCness, don't read this. Posted for the people who've been bugging me to post it somewhere. Co-Written with Mellie. I don't own Newsies.

    NMSN Chat 1 )

    So, yeah. Maybe part 2 and 3 tomorrow. And part 4 is fairly easy to code.

    luv n' mushrooms,

    NMSN: Part 2
    Same warning as before: Randomosity. oocness, Original characters who you may not like.

    Oh. Part one was subtitled: Mush's new e-mail address.
    Part 2 is subtitled: Race in Denial


    NMSN Chat 2 )

    Part 3 and 4 hopefully tomorrow. Part 5 will be up when I finish the first side-story (It's almost done. Sort of.)

    luv n' mushrooms,


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