May 12th, 2008

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20 "The girl in the fireplace" icons


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My lonely angel )

[info]truthanderror in [info]seraphim_icons

Icon Maker Application

As much as I do love getting all of the credit around here I want this to be a general community of top icons around. If you want to apply to be an icon maker please fill out the following form. You are allowed to apply as often as you like.

Journal name:
at least 3 links to icon posts of your original icons or other graphics:
Anything else that you want to be mentioned: (your icon archives, graphic request requirements, etc)

[info]truthanderror in [info]seraphim_icons


Request graphics of any kind here! copy and paste an application into a comment.

preferred icon maker (if one):
Type of graphics (banner, icon, etc.):
link to picture or name/description of subject:
text (if any):
Anything else I need to know?: