Sep. 8th, 2008


Icons of Poland!

Images are from, and were made for [info]darth_acheron! There are about another 40 images of Poland left to icon.
Credit is optional, but [info]aristocons if you like.
Comments are appreciated!
All may be used as bases or modified.
Hotlinkers are bad, bad people.
Enjoy! :D


20 icons of Poland )

May. 27th, 2008


[20 icons]: 16 x stock, 3x jared leto, 2xmiscell

Oh first post to this asylum! Yay! Hi everyone! *waves* My name is Jen and I've been making icons for about 7 months now. I really love making icons, it's relaxing and I enjoy it a lot. I'm glad to be a maker here at [info]seraphim_icons and I proudly present you my new set. Hope you enjoy!

[01-15] Stock (pigs, big cats, kitten, wolves etc.)
[16-18] Jared Leto
[19-20] Miscell (1xAlan Rickman, 1xEdward Norton)

We aim to tease. :)

(To the rest) @ my journal.

ETA: [info]truthenderror, I tried to tag this post, but all that showed up was the tag ".icons". o_O I'm sorry about that.