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October 24th, 2008

Runes From A Vanic Perspective: Wunjo

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Joy and perfection, these concepts seem like something that would naturally fall within the Vanic spectrum don't they? After all most people consider the Vanir to be deities of joy and peace, singing and dancing about like fairies flitting through your consciousness in a sense.  At times this can in fact be the case. The Vanir, all of Them have a way of touching your consciousness whether you invite the contact or not, bringing you to different understandings of what you need to do in order to actually achieve an understanding of joy within yourself.

Many people believe that joy is the sense of being happy all the time, but that is not necessarily so, joy can be a kind of quiet contentment that brings them into alignment with the energy of the world around them allowing them simply to be. Joy can be the little taken path that shows us new aspects of ourselves unfolding like the petals of a flower until we get to the center and smell the delicate fragrance. Sometimes having another to share it with can heighten your experience and sometimes it is the moment(s) of aloneness that do this for each individual, it is a moment by moment journey. 

Many people perceive the Vanir simply as deities of Sex and Death, seeing the ecstasy of orgasm as the ultimate moment of joining, one individual to another, reaching out for that moment of perfect communion and this too is a secret contained within Wunjo. When sex and death meet, and pass one another by there is a moment of perfect clarity of purpose for the individual.  There is a moment when you can see beyond any illusion you have cast for yourself.  

Wunjo is the perfect path, showing the individual that no matter what, in which manner you set out, no matter what direction you face ultimately you will reach the same goal at the end. It is simply a matter of perception. The experiences you gather as you proceed throughout your life are what make you, the dynamic individual you ultimately are, and that each of us in our own way is on the path to self perfection. The Vanir bring us along this path, through moments of clarity, both allowing us to unfold gradually, as well as through moments that cut through the veil. Sometimes those moments are traumatic and sometimes you will treasure those moments and wish to relive them over and over again.


Written by, Ayla Wolffe©2008

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