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May 20th, 2008

Thoughts On Laguz

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Laguz represents the primal soup from which we, as the human race, evolved. Thus it is the well of race consciousness that ties us together in times of need,making us stronger and it is the source of each individuals' strength on a physical level as well. It is not for naught that we are primarily made up of water after all. If we learn our own internal tides and how to read them we become a greater force to contend with than simply being ruled by them. Though learning when to 'go with the flow' as it were, is also an important lesson of Laguz. When you combine these ways of being in the world effectively, you have much of the rules of statecraft which is why this rune is a rune, not only of travel, learning and prosperity, but of leadership. Laguz brings us to many places both physically and emotionally within ourselves and when we understand this we prosper by it.

This little contemplation of Laguz occurred, btw, while waiting on the nurse at the doctor's office.. I was reading At The Well Of Wyrd and was suddenly hit with a big light-bulb over my head that said, 'write this down now or forget it'.. So I got the receptionist to give me paper and pencil and I wrote it all down. I'm just now getting around to putting it on the computer.. As I go on to the next book in the series. I figured I'd keep all inspired thought in it's proper place and all that.
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