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October 20th, 2008

Runes From A Vanic Perspective: Fehu

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Fehu is the essence of Freyja. It has been commented on more than once, that one of the ways that Fehu is reflective of the essence of Freyja, is that Freyja knew her own worth and made her own bargains without looking at how society would judge Her, when seeking to obtain Brisingamen. In the process She had many lessons to learn, as She sought out her husband Odr, only to find that never would They again know each other as They had before. But, She had gained a great embodiment of Her personal power, one which could never permenately be taken from Her. One which all the worlds have connected to Her just as ineffibly as Thor is connected with Mjollnir.

Fehu shows that wealth is transient, it moves not just from hand to hand but from a dormant to an active state. Just as when Freyja went searching over all the earth seeking for Her lost love the land responded to the presence or absence of Her so it is the same as when it is being tended or used and when it is not. If you do not keep wealth flowing in a positive direction, if it feels misused it will simply cease to work for you. Because Fehu is mobile wealth, transient and transitory There is a way that it can be used to stabilize you, but you have to keep it moving in order to do so, you have to work, whether creatively(even if you are on disability or whatever, exercising your creative muscles allows for this to be fulfilled)or in the open job market. You have to own your abilities and not be deprecating of them.

Fehu honors that which is within each of us that calls out to bring forth a way of making life better for ourselves and those around us. If we constantly say that what we do is of little or no worth than that is what you will get from it, little to no compensation. No matter how hard we work for the money. It will simply evaporate the minute the check hits your hand. There is a folk belief among many different people that if you let the crumbs from the bread you are eating fall to the ground, or you waste the bread you are eating, then you lose your wealth but if you save them you will gain in wealth. This is because you are actually becoming mindful of where you spend your efforts and the fact that everything comes into your life, or flows out of it for a reason.  If you decide when and where to allow that to happen, rather than being careless of it, your wealth increases if you simply 'let the chips fall where they may' you end up getting whatever hand is dealt you.

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