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May 20th, 2008

Thorsson's Color Code Explanations

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Gold = Light of the sun and spiritual light shining from Asgardhr, the force of ond in the universe and a symbol of honor,reputation, and power in all realms.

Red = Magical might and main, protective power, spiritual life and vigor, aggressive force. The principal color of the runes;also a sign of death. Often related to gold.

Blue = The all-encompassing, all-penetrating,and omnipresent mystical force of the numen, a sign of restless motion,the color of Odhinn's cloak. In it's darkest hues it becomes one with black.

Green = Organic life, the manifested force of fertility in the earth and in the sea, a sign of the earth and nature,passage between the worlds.

Yellow = Earthly power, a sign of desire and lust in a will toward manifestation. Related to both green and gold.

White = The total expression of light as the sum of all colors-- totality,purity, perfection,nobility,the disk of the sun.

Silver = The disk of the moon, change, transmutation, striving fore higher knowledge. A metallic version of white.

Black = New beginning(as night and winter herald the birth of day and summer),all potential, the root force of all things,knowledge of hidden things, concealment, the container of light.
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